Jan A. P. Kaczmarek | My Favorite Music Composer

Listening to some music I've stumbled upon a movie score composed by the great Jan A. P. Kaczmarek - a Polish composer who has lived and worked in United States since 1989. His works are filled with genuine emotions, only by listening to his melodies you can learn what true art means. 

You'll feel the comfort you were looking for, but you won't escape anxiety and agitation either, it hits both ways. It's heavenly beautiful to listen to his music, it feels right, its magnitude reaches unheard levels, it has just the right touch, the right pace, volume, it hits the perfect musical keys just to create the ambiance you need to feel alive, although it might hurt but as I was told it's how we stay alive, when it hurts some much we can't breath this is how we stay alive. 

When I listen to it I feel understood, his music goes deep into my soul, it finds its way right into the core of my being and slowly begins the healing process, I feel like I could listen to it for forever. 

To know what I'm rambling about I brought you two examples of his most distinguished works. First one is score from Unfaithful movie starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

The Three Hardest Things to Say.

It is believed that there are three things that are the hardest to say out loud. None of them are hard for me to say. If I love someone I say it, I show it. If I did wrong I say I'm sorry and try to make amends, I'm confessing my part of blame, in every conflict situation all parts are to be blamed, in different extents though.

When it comes to saying "Help Me" there is a different story compared to the two aforementioned sayings. you either are person who wants to help others, or you're not, you mustn't make a difference between people who are worthy of your help and not. There are a lot of people who need your help, I might be one of them.

Charlie Is So Cool Like | Inspirational People

Many of us wonder throughout the internet in search of people who will inspire us to make big things happen without realizing that such people were under our noses the entire time. After giving some thought to it we'll come to realize that such people are all around us, we just have to look very carefully as we might miss them sometimes. One of many things I can't live without is inspiration that later metamorphoses into motivation that is so vital for my life. It happens, although very rarely, that sometimes I stumble upon works of art that are able to make my day a nicer one, feel happier, a feeling that occurs so rare in my life lately. There are so many ways of showing what are we made of that we just have to choose one but for that we need to get to know ourselves better, one way of doing that is look closely at you like the most: numbers, letters, music, film, TV, science or so many other things. I believe that everyone of us can excel at the full extent of at least one thing.

How to Change an Unbalanced World

Growing up I kept thinking that changing myself into a better person everyone else will follow subconsciously my example and finally make some visible changes as an ensemble. Now I've come to a place in my life where I began to question and seriously doubt that. But before lashing out on the world about how pissed I am I want to take a trip down the memory lane and remember all the good things I did towards a better world of tomorrow.

I am no saint, I'm far from being one and never intend to be, I just treat others the way I want to be treated, but considering we don't live in a perfect world that hardly is a rule. Some people I know may argue with that and say that some people are treated badly by me, but in my defense I'm just applying my own not-so-much rule of treating them the way I was treated. I'm revengeful that way.

I've always been a lousy student, high-school or university, these institution failed to teach me a lot of things such as never throw garbage wherever I please to, say "thank you" whenever is the case but also in cases there is no need to, just to make someone's day, failed to teach treating others with basic respect, failed to teach to never judge somebody without having some facts, and I can go on and on but the idea is I taught that myself out of my principle of never treating others the way I don't want to be treated, is that simple.

All The Doors Are Closed.

I keep knocking on different doors but it seems I'm knocking on the wrong ones. Some of them may open but the minute they see me those doors close right back. It is basically impossible to count all those doors, all my fingers and toes are not enough to count them. There are moments when I'm surprised and stunned of myself, I'm surviving what seem to be the worst moments of my life when I have nobody by my side, when I've made the worst possible decisions but for some of them I can't be entirely blamed, I will not accept it, I won't admit of doing wrong.

I keep thinking that there is more than this for me, I want to believe that for all the misery I've been through, life will make up for all of it.

Damn, isn't this a boring blog ? I've made my best at doing a good job, I've excelled in blogging, more than others, I've asked for advice, I ignored it most of the time but I eventually came around and made this blog look more positive and warmer even if the content lacks positivism and warmth.

I'm getting tired of asking for help, I'm getting tired of screaming when nobody seems to hear so if you wanna read my blog, this article, anything, it's up to you. I want to pay you with respect more than I want bigger ratings and popularity.

I Wish I Never Met You

My past has a funny way on catching up with me, when it hits me it hits hard, all at once, memories keep rushing back, memories of places but mostly memories of people I once knew.

I used to think of how good friends I could be with them, but it wasn't long until it all went to hell because some of us can't let go of things and others think that life is simple and it's not worth complicating it. Well, news flash, life is not easy, never was, never will be, it's not complicated - it's just complex, with so many aspects that sometimes it's hard to keep track of.

If we keep thinking that life is easy we may lose control of some aspects, vital aspects.

I met some people who used to ask me for help and I was more than happy to help them, people with whom friendships did not last, people I liked very much and imagined being good fiends with but it never crossed my mind that soon it might be all gone.

I blame myself for letting them in my life, I blame them for screwing with my head, I blame them for not getting to know me better because of how little they knew me, I am much more but I guess they weren't patient enough to find that out. I have flaws but who doesn't ?

My Top 10 Best Written Articles.

Many of us, bloggers, don't have english as their primary language so writing an article in english may come sometimes as a pretty serious challenge. With every time we're writing an article we're getting better and better, and yet most of time our work is beyond under-appreciated.

I thought making a top 10 best written articles may spice things up and improve the stats of my blog, I'm doing my best and seeing that people I care about are barely noticing me rising above my living circumstances it's a bit frustrating. 

This blog is a personal one, I've invested a lot of time and basically my entire personality in it and it's a big shame that is doesn't have enough publicity (actually I wanted to use another word which at the moment I can't remember). I invite you to read some snippets and if you are going to be curious enough read the entire articles. Keep in mind that the top 10 articles are not put in an order from the less important to the most important one.

1. Lindsay Lohan and other Cancerians.

This is my first article about a celebrity and trust me, Lindsay Lohan is one. There is an expression stating that sometimes "art imitates life", in Lindsy's case life imitated what should've been art.

For the last few years I found myself helpless at doing something to help and just kept reading trashy news about her but not once I let them influence my own opinion. It's easy to take shots at somebody rather than looking at yourself in the mirror, your life isn't perfect or so you may think and yet you find yourself pointing so easily at others' lives.

Let's Talk About Empathy. How to Understand It.

About twenty-two years ago I came into this world with a quality I did not ask for, I did not ask for this life for that matter (sorry, dark humor, couldn't resist). A quality that half the time I'm proud of having it, and the other half cursing the entire universe and wishing I never had it.

It's called empathy - the capacity to recognize and share feelings that are being experienced by another sentient or semi-sentient being. Someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before they are able to feel compassion. (Wikipedia)

That was a textbook definition but having lived with it I can say a lot more about it. Empathy is the capacity that turns a human being (and I hope you're good with metaphors) into an emotional sponge. We often say to other people that they have no idea of what is like experiencing certain feeling, happiness or pain, being empathetic gives you this unique chance to match your emotions to another person's emotions. 

Empathy is a word of many definitions, it means carrying for other people and having the desire to help them, you sense their need for help, they often don't ask for it but you know anyway. You know what other people think or feel, they are like an open book to you, you "read" them without any difficulties, it's not just some theories because from my own experience I can tell it's true.