Touch | 1x03 | Safety in Numbers | Review

Watching the intro for the series it's like watching Discovery Channel, only much better, much brighter, more meaningful. As we learned the last time our lives are more connected more than we think, numbers, patterns and ratios are the ones that in a manner rule our lives.

We are all connected, the numbers describe a path we were chosen to follow, in which we meet different people with different outcomes, some of them might hurt us, some of them might give us comfort, only the numbers can tell us who and what part are they going to play in our lives, but reading, listening to the numbers is not for everyone, unfortunately, but little guys such as Jake may have what it takes to teach us all that life is not only complicated but fascinating too, and he'll help us read the numbers.


These are the numbers whose significance Martin must figure out. While Jake's fate and life meaning seams pretty clear, his father asks himself, is chasing numbers all he can do for his son ?

Missing | 1x03 | Ice Queen | Review

Another week, another episode of our ABC series Missing, another episode to add a few Xs into the equation, like the ones we had weren't enough. Last episode ended with Becca not being able to stop the plane that had her son aboard. The installment of this week opens with Michael waking up in a castle he apparently can't escape from.

With the help of CIA they searched the plane after it landed in Italy but surprise, there wasn't no trace of Michael who meanwhile was kept in a castle who may not be the only one being kept far from civilization. We meet Oksana, at first a scared young woman with what we can only assume a drug problem.

Becca's friend, Mary makes a stop to Rome to surprise her best friend and basically the sister she never had, only to leave Becca in a stage of shock like she hadn't enough already on her plate. She must manage to look for the people that most certainly know where her son is and also deal with Mary who is still in the dark with Becca's past. Only nothing went as planned. To get rid off Mary she lied to her that she and Giancarlo have a romantic affair and want to enjoy their time together without the presence of a third wheel. Mary visibly upset leaves them alone.

Lindsay Lohan and other Cancerians.

This is my first article about a celebrity and trust me, Lindsay Lohan is one. There is an expression stating that sometimes "art imitates life", in Lindsy's case life imitated what should've been art.

For the last few years I found myself helpless at doing something to help and just kept reading trashy news about her but not once I let them influence my own opinion. It's easy to take shots at somebody rather than looking at yourself in the mirror, your life isn't perfect or so you may think and yet you point so easily at others' lives.

I believe she's a talented actress and singer, she's a woman of many talents and yet we let her rep sheet define her. It's easy to judge but not once you put yourself in her shoes to talk a few miles and see for yourself how difficult and sometimes overwhelming it is to live in the constant spotlight.

I don't know her very well, I may even say I don't know her at all but what I do know is that luck left her many years ago and nowadays it seems that step by step it's finding its way back to her, don't know what happened, maybe she kissed somebody and gave all her luck away. She deserves every bit of what she has achieved over the years, and she deserves to get back all the things that she has lost too, and that would be her confidence and self-esteem.

Me and Lindsay have something in common, and what many other people have as well, we were born in July, and what I know about people born in July is that they don't like to be pushed to do something that they don't like, you need to ask them, sit down, discuss and find a common language. For a cancerian it's never easy to start all over, the past will always be with us (cancerians), some us learn to live with it sooner, some of us learn to live with it later but it's something we eventually learn. We need to be heard even if most of the time we say nothing, some may say we speak a foreign language, a language that we invented just to feel special, just to catch up for what we have missed.

Something that we don't receive very well is being judged and criticized, but we do receive feedback very well, instead of pointing out at what we did wrong you may as well as suggest how we can do it better, something most of the people can't really do.

We are both, weak and strong, we are vulnerable and powerful, we can adjust but we'll always know what is wrong and we will never go along with that. I believe that every cancerian is born with the sense of good and wrong by default, it is something we don't need to be taught, we're also pretty wise, our psychological age is way ahead of our biological one.

We make mistakes, like any other people, but we learn from them, and learning is a process where we need to have somebody by our side, we can be alone long periods of time, but we also need to have somebody, I guess we are nobody until we have somebody.

Also, what I have noticed  is that all cancerians like at least one form of art: cinematography, music, painting, photography and many others. We will choose at least one and bring it to perfection using our own life experiences, 'cause another thing I believe is that we went through anything, through our own eyes or through others' eyes. We will laugh when it is about laughing, and we will cry when it's about crying and we won't make excuses for that, we are sincere, kind and caring.

I'm not saying you mustn't take shots at us, but careful, someday you'll come for forgiveness or will secretly desire it but you'll not get it 'cause me, for instance, I never forgive or forget, I used too in the past, now I don't, my threshold for pain caused by others is pretty low right now and most certainly it will never recover for acceptable levels but it's doesn't necessarily mean it will be different with others. Making mistakes and causing pain intentionally it's not something you need to gamble with, with every pain you caused you lower their threshold.

Cancerians need to be accepted for who they are, all people need to be accepted for what they are, some of us may not care but us cancerians we always do, we always care, and we don't need to be asked to care less, simply trust us, we know better, we do better on our own.

And now back to Lindsay, she made her share of mistakes, and I do believe that most of those mistakes were not her fault, she didn't have the kind of support she needed, she wasn't heard, she was bullied, she was under attack of the press and people she knew, she had her share of crappiness, enough for one lifetime. I really want her to turn her life around and give the world a lesson of how it's done, a comeback to remember, she should reinvent herself, start all over, or simply to follow her intuition, a 6th sense every cancerian is know for. She just needs to follow her inner voice, something that not every person has. She has all the power to change her life and change some other lives too.

She can do magic, just wait for it.

And I'm saying that not only about her, but about me too. Only now she has one more person to believe in her, now she doesn't need to do it alone.

Good luck and always remember your fans, some of them truly root for you.

"Happiness is an attitude". Really ?!

Earlier in the day I was thinking that I lack ideas for new blog posts, well that's not entirely true since I'm writing this one. Considering that very few things happened to me lately I have to get inspired on the little things that social networking offers me. I stumbled upon one's thought that "happiness is an attitude" and well, I wanna prove them wrong.

Happiness is an attitude only when you're predisposed to it, only when your life's circumstances allow you to be happy and by your own choice you're not.

Imagine this, you have friends who cherish you, who are trying to do their best at being your friends, 'cause let's face it, being a friend to somebody is very a tiring job, you need to really want it 'cause otherwise it's just not going to work, no matter how nice of a person he/she is you can't compel yourself to like them. So you have friends, we've established that so far. You have a loving family, or at least one that doesn't stand in your way, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want with your life..

You're a student, you are close to graduate, you are getting closer to getting a job, or you are a freelancer and found a clever way to make some money.

Desperate Housewives | 8x18 | Any Moment | Review

Writing the last reviews for Desperate Housewives and putting a final year in parenthesis it's like calling the time of death on the series that has been there for me for the last eight years and I can't even begin to recall all the things I've learned from it, for all the fans around the world it's truly the end of an era. 

How to say goodbye to a series that taught us valuable lessons about friendship, love and family values ? It's not something you're going to come around and realize that the time for a final kiss goodbye has come.

After the last week episode when we said our goodbyes to a dearly beloved character - Mike, we were only left to wonder about Susan and how is she gonna begin to live again, begin all over again, but this time without Mike.

Fairly Legal | 2x02 | Start Me Up | Review

With every review I am going to post on this blog you'll come to discover how many TV shows I am currently watching and it will probably shock you but I can explain, TV shows are the air I breath, without them I suffocate. 

Today we have Fairly Legal, only one year old TV series from USA Network, launched successfully last year averaging 4.58 million viewers for its first ten episodes run, which for a cable network it's pretty damn good.

Fairly Legal tells a story about Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi), a lawyer gone mediator after suddenly coming to the conclusion that in court there is always a winner and a loser, in mediation, on the other hand, only winners. As the series opens we see Kate working at the firm that her father started and who recently died, having to deal with the loss and her mother-in-law who's not a likable character, not at first at least. The series was received well, by viewers and by the critics. Entertainment Weekly lauded Shahi's performance saying she "makes you believe that the woman is simultaneously an anxious wreck and a brilliant mediator", and applauds some of the "interesting chances" the creators took. Robert Bianco from USA Today called Shahi's character, Kate, "instantly likable", and described the series as "a well-constructed piece of popular entertainment from a dependable provider of the same, with an easy-to-like star and an easy-to-grasp premise".

Touch | 1x02 | 1+1=3 | Review

There is more about the numbers than we may think, our lives can be easily translated into numbers, patterns and ratios, hidden in plain sight that only some us can actually see.

A little boy made his job to see these patterns and ratios that somehow are connected to us, people, numbers that tell us a story of each one of us, equations that need to be solved  and only he can do that. He's been alive for 11 years, 4 months, 25 days and thirteen hours and in all that time he never said a word but luckily he now has someone who hears him. His father, Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) tries to protect him but there are so many things standing in his way, and boy's condition doesn't make it easier.

Update: Ratings added.

Missing | 1x02 | The Hard Drive | Review

Missing - a new series from ABC, premiered a week ago with strong ratings in the viewers and so-so in demographics. For the time being we're going to ignore the ratings and simply enjoy this episode.

A foreword before sinking our teeth in second episode. Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) is a mother, former CIA agent who's son was kidnapped while studying in Italy, now she made her mission to find her son no matter what it takes.

So far Becca is against the entire world, if only she wouldn't have stashed little assets that would give her advantages in order to get her one step ahead of everyone. French intelligence is after her as her son is being hidden in France. 
For Becca was either get help from French head of Intelligence Lussier or get him down having a man named Hard Drive as an asset, named that way due to his amazing memorizing skills, unable to forget anything. At first I thought it was a simply hard drive stashed somewhere but I guess it was way much more giving this series something new, something special, so I guess Missing is getting a blue ribbon for that.

Update: Ratings added.

Studying in United Kingdom

Choosing an university is a step that can be considered a life-changing event, a turning-point, the beginning of the rest of your life. At university you get to choose the path of your life, get unlimited opportunities for the start of your career, get a chance to meet your love, you get to do many things that eventually will shape who you really are.

Choosing the right  university and the right course it's not something you get to mess with, you either do it right or don't do it at all. Making wrong choices can screw up your life for many years ahead, mistakes that for some people are simply unaffordable.

That's why I'm gonna help you get it right, I'll give some advices just to get you started, because you'll be the one who'll have to do most of the work. Applying for studies is a long journey but if you manage to do it right it can bring you joy and excitement.

Before you get to apply you must figure out what to apply for, for that you need a career adviser but it may cost you so taking some psychological test may bring you the same results but a lot cheaper.When I did my research I stumbled upon a pretty nice UK Course Finder Questionnare , an incredible website that offers you an amazingly precise and simple test that once done it gives you a list of domains that may be suitable for you. is a website operated by The Morrisby Organisation, who have been providing subjects, course and careers guidance systems for over 40 years, dealing mostly with Careers Companies and other Professionals. You can benefit directly from their expertise free of charge via this website. 

Twitter - Do it Right!

Twitter is a powerful tool for known and popular people, for less known or even unknown people is just another useless way of expressing your thoughts into the universe 'cause from what it looks the universe is the only big thing that listens to you, through Twitter or Facebook, either way.

As in the case of a blog and its readers, to have a lot of followers you need to be a public person, with a lot of fake friends, and who does participate to a lot of public events of an economical, social or political nature. To have people express their interest towards your blogger, twitter or facebook products you need to express an interest too, true or fake, 'cause sometimes it may be difficult to read stuff from hundreds of people. Except when you are a guru of some kind and people will follow you blindly in hope for free wisdom if that's the case.

Twitter is another way to notice how shallow some people are, they start following you, and the minute they see you don't follow them back they unfollow in a blink of an eye, some people expect it to be mutual. Well, from where I stand Twitter is one thing that should not be mutual, 'cause for me Twitter is like the favorite newspaper I never had, when I visit my Twitter account I wanna read interesting stuff, make a reply of some kind and if it is the case to socialize a bit.

Not every single person I follow follows me back and don't expect them too, if they find me interesting and worth of following back kudos to them.

As I said, there are individuals who start following me and expect to do the same thing, but if I see that we have nothing in common I'm sorry but I'm not going to follow back. I just don't want to have other pretty much interesting tweets buried in the load of crappy ones.

Inspirational People

I thought I would wait for a few days to pass before I scramble another blogger article 'cause after all everything should be about quality and not quantity but I guess I can do it both.

Today we're gonna talk a bit about inspirational people, until today I never thought I'd write about stuff like this but in the name of the greater good I thought people should know about people who not only inspired me but made me smile in tough times.

I'm a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres and I watch a lot of her YouTube Channel videos and one of them would introduce to us an amazing person, Joshua Johnson who is giving life a lesson and not the other way around.

He's a college student trying to make his ends meet, he's studying Communications and Marketing, he's double-majoring, but studying would cost him a lot more than he initially thought. He applied to all the possible scholarships and still not be covered.

Than he thought out of the box, he had talents that he'd bring to good use and try to earn some money off of it - as Ellen said "he tap dances his way to a scholarship". He got through humiliation and timidity, he brought his talent to New York subway and in weekend he would dance for five hours just to scramble some money to pay his bills, tuition and help his mom who lives in a shelter.


Although it's 2 o'clock in the morning I wanna write this little article my passions for photography and how much it kills me not being able to fulfill my dream to become a professional photographer.

I'm a dreamer, I dream in the daylight with my eyes wide open, one second I'm here, the next I'm in the dreamland imagining myself taking dozens of amazing pictures, pictures of dawns, sunsets, mountains, skies, happy people, happy families, beautiful people or ordinary people who simply want me to capture precious moments of their lives 'cause sooner or later memories are going to be all we have.

After failing again and again in so many things I've come to realize photography is one thing I'd never be disappointed in, one thing to be alone with or be surrounded by many people, being a photographer would make me feel like I have it all, and yet I cannot afford it ...

For now blogging is all I have and I'll keep posting until someday I'm gonna have enough money to buy a camera and start it all over again, now the lyrics of a song keep popping in my head "as long as you are breathing, you can star all over" but how much truth lies in these lyrics in relation to me ?!

Below you can visualize a few dozens of pictures I took with my modest digital camera back in 2008 in Turkey, and 2010 in United Kingdom.

Guide: Best congratulating messages for Birthdays!

Congratulating your friends with their birthdays may come to you as a problem only in cases when you manage to remember the actual dates. No matter what people say about not carrying if they are or not congratulated on their birthdays they care what happens on their birthdays anyway, they care who calls, what they say and how they say it, but most certainly they care of who did not call, did not say anything, did not care.

And I cal tell, these assumptions were made based on my experience and on what I have been observing for a lifetime now.

Nowadays you can afford having a bad memory, there are tools like Facebook Events to remind you of upcoming birthdays of people who really know that the only thing worse than being over the being buried under it. (dark humor)

Now that you know who are having their birthdays soon, the least you can do is write on their Facebook wall or simply send an SMS containing a lame "Happy Birthday".

But that type of message is a proof of lack of originality on your side or even worse, did it just for the sake of doing it.

Editing a congratulating message don't hesitate to include in that message bits of your personality, also include a few words that will describe the person that is message is written for, making it this way personal.

Try writing a few phrases in an original way, ex.:

"May every raindrop that falls in your palm signify the luck of having true friends always by your side, the number of these raindrops to be the happy moments with your loved ones, the clarity of the raindrops bring the bright future to you, the future full of pleasant surprises and lots of success, and most importantly never forget that disregarding rainy days or shinny days, I'm gonna be there for you, in person or in my thoughts, and ending I'm gonna add a clich├ęd "Happy Birthday""

If you are a person who likes to through jokes around and be sarcastic that may come in handy:

"Happy B-day sweetie, wish you well, never forget, there is always someone who worries about you and is not your mom, or your cousin and definitely not president Obama, I'm sure you'll figure it out who :) never forget there is always someone who keeps fingers crossed for you, be good and behave, show the best of you like I taught you :-p and most of all, don't forget you'll always have me :D Happy B-day !!!

p.s. gosh , you're getting so old :D "

  Originality - a quality that is always highly appreciated, when congratulating somebody do it right, do it with dedication, don't just send an empty message with no meaningfulness which is gonna bring unpleasant emotions rather than positive ones, and if it's what you mean to do you better not do it at all rather than giving the false impression of giving a s*it.

Hope this article contributed to making this world a better place to live in.

Have a nice day. Cheers.

P.S. My birthday is on July 6, just in case :)

Recent Thoughts

Had some deep thoughts (or so I think they are) and kinda want to keep them here, on my blog, so anyone who visits to take a look and have the chance to contemplate on their own.

  • Prison is not the only place on earth where time goes incredibly slow, there are mental prisons too, where you send yourself or are sent by others.

  • I've always done good to people, and yet, what went around did not come around. Not that I have high expectations, but come on, when I ask for help I'd like to be helped and not ignored or offered anything less. And I'm not a person who asks much.
  •   It's surprising enough that a lot of philosophical thoughts come to me while lying in bed waiting to  fall asleep, in daytime I'm too busy on wasting my time on unimportant things waiting for time to pass as quick as possible.

Let's Talk About Love

According to Wikipedia definition of Love, the later is "an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection; and "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another".

I may care and like certain people, treat them with strong affection and personal attachment and not call it love, I have another word for it - mutual respect.

Why did we need to label it as love ?

If to hate or simply not like certain people do we deprive them of human kindness, compassion or affection ? Are we gonna let them hurt alone ? I find it hard to ignore them even if giving them the respect they deserve it's almost impossible for me.

And what's the deal of getting everybody a soul-mate or simply a better half ? Is it so hard to believe that some people do better by themselves ?

It drives me crazy when people ask me why I do prefer to be alone ? Every time I must come up with some lies or sugarcoat the truth  of the fact that I love to be alone (and with a couple of friends).

My Music - My Everything!

I will start spilling my guts out about music by saying that music has always been a part of my life, ever since I can remember myself. If to create a list of things that made happy in the true sense of the word music has one of top places, even before people, living people, people will always disappoint but not music. Music has been always there for me, in the happy times but especially in the hard and difficult ones. There are not enough words in the whole world to tell how much music means to me.

I've been judged for the music I love but screw you all who don't like me or my favorite music. Besides that I will make the last attempt to explain why you should behave and give a break to those who's playlist you don't like, find them weird or their music or consider them inappropriate to listen that kind of music.

There is no noise, only sound.

Through music you can define a human being, music tells who you are and represent. The music you like sets you free, gives you the freedom that you always wanted, gives you the freedom of your thoughts, of your imagination, speech, your creativity. It makes your emotions fly high or run deep.

It makes you believe in magic, it helps creating and shaping your own perfect little world where isn't sadness and pain on a daily basis, just occasionally, just to know what it is.

My Discovery Channel - Ist Edition

Since I'm spending a lot of time surfing through the Internet I've decided that it will be a good idea to share my recent discoveries worth being read or watched. Some of these discoveries had, have and will have a big impact on humanity whoever or wherever it is.

  • A few days ago I stumbled upon a documentary yet to hit the cinemas, a documentary like no other, to raise awareness and attention on a problem that has made victims for decades now, a problem that affected us in one way or another. I can't wait for its release and use it as an educational tool to stop the phenomenon of bullying in it s many forms and intensities. Here is the description given by Hirsch, Lee on "This year, over 5 million American kids will be bullied at school, online, on the bus, at home, through their cell phones and on the streets of their towns, making it the most common form of violence young people in this country experience. The Bully Project is the first feature documentary film to show how we've all been affected by bullying, whether we've been victims, perpetrators or stood silent witness. The world we inhabit as adults begins on the playground. The Bully Project opens on the first day of school. For the more than 5 million kids who'll be bullied this year in the United States, it's a day filled with more anxiety and foreboding than excitement. As the sun rises and school buses across the country overflow with backpacks, brass instruments and the rambunctious sounds of raging hormones, this is a ride into the unknown. For a lot of kids, the only thing that's certain is that this year..." It is a problem I wrote about a half a year ago and want to believe that it had an impact on some people, helped them form an opinion and push the breaks on what's called bullying, a spread phenomenon of violence of any kinds among youth and kids.
Also Watch the trailer below.

What would I do without you, my friend ? :)

Isn't she beautiful :-P ?
Yesterday I twitted that I would write an article dedicated to a person I care a lot about, a brother (actually a sister, going for the rime) from another mother, plus it would be a nice comeback since my last article on this blog and bring some readers back to what's been my whining  journal for last couple of years.

If someday I'm gonna  have a girlfriend I want her to be more like my dear friends Ana, who's been my friend for 12 years since she has moved to the neighborhood, but I guess the best years of our friendship (and I hope she thinks the same) were the last five years and that's from my perspective 'cause those years were particularly difficult for me.

I whine a lot, and it's particularly (again) difficult for me to have friends and she was one of very few people who stood up for me and was always there for me no matter what.

I've always wanted a sister and somehow she filled that void, she's everything you want in a sister or friend, she's the most trustworthy people I know, she truly knows the very definition of the secret, I trusted her with some of my darkest secrets and was not disappointed, not once.