Life is a cruel joke!

Nu planificam sa scriu nimic, caci nu prea am cu ce sa ma laud. Insa sa ma pling de viata intotdeauna am despre ce, asa ca m-am gindit de ce nu. La urma urmei trebuie sa scot din mine energia negativa (daca exista desigur) undeva in univers caci la sincer, cam ma devoreaza pe dinauntru. Si dupa cum psihologi profesionisti nu exista deloc, fie sunt de calitate mediocra nu vad alta alternativa decit a scrie pe acest blog, care de la o vreme incoace incepe a semana tot mai mult cu un "Dear Diary" which even I, consider, is pathetic.

Viata mea e ca o noapte cu un cer cu o stea pe ici, pe colo, la fel de intunecata unde merg prin bezna dupa intuitie, unde stele sunt farime de fericire pe ici , pe colo, e ca o noapte care nu stiu cind se va termina.

O stea, o farima de fericire a fost training-ul din Georgia, unde pentru prima data intr-o lunga perioada de vreme am simtit ca contez, am intilnit oameni inteligenti, am avut sansa de a "calatori" in tarile lor de origine prin impartasirea experientelor lor. De fiecare data cind plec intr-o tara straina am oportunitatea de a incerca o multime de lucruri pentru prima oara si imi dau seama cit de tare sunt in urma europenilor, si totusi inainte cu un inch in fata marii majoritati de moldoveni.

Rich & Poor

In this piece of article I'm gonna write about something I am very pissed off. Very often I am pissed off about something, so no surprise there, but still give yourself five second to read it.

 It's annoying how Hollywood celebrities whine about damages to their multimillionaire properties while millions of people in Africa don't have a roof above their heads at all.

It's bugging me how they talk about eating water-melons in the middle of the night because they're pregnant while daily 2 500 african kids die from lack of clean watter and food, as some people said they choose between unclean and unhealthy water and dying from thirst, a tough position to be in.

I hate millionaires and billionaires as they literally suck all the money in the world into their accounts. For example, Carlos Slim Helu & family's net worth is 74 BILLION dollars.

This makes me think about those people who have an expiring date on their lives. I live in a poor country, and yet I have the chance to have a few meals a day and drink clean water (still, if I buy it bottled from stores). A few days ago I was having a conversation with a friend about whether there is or isn't God, and I said there isn't because if He exists then why a billion people  don't have water for their basic needs ? Don't they pray to God or something everyday ?