Rich & Poor

In this piece of article I'm gonna write about something I am very pissed off. Very often I am pissed off about something, so no surprise there, but still give yourself five second to read it.

 It's annoying how Hollywood celebrities whine about damages to their multimillionaire properties while millions of people in Africa don't have a roof above their heads at all.

It's bugging me how they talk about eating water-melons in the middle of the night because they're pregnant while daily 2 500 african kids die from lack of clean watter and food, as some people said they choose between unclean and unhealthy water and dying from thirst, a tough position to be in.

I hate millionaires and billionaires as they literally suck all the money in the world into their accounts. For example, Carlos Slim Helu & family's net worth is 74 BILLION dollars.

This makes me think about those people who have an expiring date on their lives. I live in a poor country, and yet I have the chance to have a few meals a day and drink clean water (still, if I buy it bottled from stores). A few days ago I was having a conversation with a friend about whether there is or isn't God, and I said there isn't because if He exists then why a billion people  don't have water for their basic needs ? Don't they pray to God or something everyday ?

I hate the fact that the first ten richest people in the world have in total 406 BILLION dollars, money that would significantly improve people's lives all the other the world, not just in Africa, although they need it the most.

It's interesting how poor people want to do something, little but meaningful, for other poor people, while rich bastards keep sucking money into their bank accounts.

I hope someday there will appear a modern Robin Hood or a Superman to still money from rich and give it to the poor, so they have a chance at a life with their beloved ones, raise their kids, pay for college, and many other things worth living for. Hope, Hollywood celebrities, millionaires and billionaires, in euros or in dollars would found a gianormous foundation to help poor people to drink clean watter everyday, cause so far these magnates are heartless bitches to me and for other millions of people. I hope awareness has been raised already, it's time to action, it's time to do something, little but meaningful, one step at a time but quick enough until it's not too late for some people.

We have everything to help other, everything but will.

In the video below watch some really scary pictures of what's really happening in the world, it;s not all pink.

It's time to action people! There are different kinds of foundations where you can donate, do it today and save a life, buy yourself a good night sleep.