A few dozens of articles back I wrote about the things I hate, today something got me inspired to write about the things I love

I love sunsets, dawns

I love the sky, especially when it’s reddish or yellowish

I love taking pictures of flowers, reddish-yellowish skies

I love bright colors


Grey's Anatomy
We all have dreams, we all want things to come true, yet, in most of the time we don’t know how to make our dreams come true.

Me, for instance, (at the risk of sounding incredibly stupid) I love acting, though I never acted before, I love singing and yet I only sang during a shower or quietly in my room fearing getting mocked.

Most of the time I wonder if I have or not what it takes to be actor or a part of a music band, I can’t imagine my life without music and movies, TV shows, my life is surrounded by these every single day, my day starts with the sound of music and ends with a good Grey’s Anatomy episode.