A few dozens of articles back I wrote about the things I hate, today something got me inspired to write about the things I love

I love sunsets, dawns

I love the sky, especially when it’s reddish or yellowish

I love taking pictures of flowers, reddish-yellowish skies

I love bright colors

I love communicating, most of the time through pictures

I love music, love Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, most of grace their powerful voices

I love acting, actors, actresses, they inspire me everyday

I love good, old and new, movies

I love musicals, love Chicago, Moulin Rouge

I love dancing, love Latino and European dances

I love yellowish roses

I love theatre, I love Broadway, I love the way the combine, dance, acting and music

I love Awards Shows: Academy Awards, Grammy, MTV Movie Awards, Emmy and Golden Globe, and etc.

I love American TV Shows; my life wouldn’t be the same without them

I love …

… this list may be updated as soon as I realize what I love

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