The Movies of 2012 I Can't Wait to Watch

There are some damn good directed movies I can't wait to watch in 2012. Once I'm not in the United States of America I'll have to wait additional several months to have the possibility to watch them, bummer. I've waited before, I'll wait now. Watch below the trailers for the movies I have high expectation to succeed at getting good reviews from movie critics (although they dodge the bullet most of the time) and succeed at box office. 

I'd like to ask you, which one YOU can't wait to watch ? 

Are there any other movies I should have included in this list ?

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Top 10 Songs of Today | Who Am I Music Chart 2nd Edition

First Top 10 I posted a few days ago has been received well, stumbled-upon ten times which never happened to me before with any of my articles so I thought I'd make another Top 10 for you to enjoy. Songs that make my heart race, that throw me into struggle with my self, that make me feel nothing but anxiety that weirdly enough makes me enjoy a few moments a year all the pain I've been going through. I hope these songs will make you what I've felt 'cause for one reason it is sublime.

If any suggestions to me, based on what you have listened from the songs below I would love to listen to them. So far, which one you liked the most ? Don't forget to share these songs further.

Happy Birthday Dear Cancerians

Today I'm gonna take some time and congratulate all the cancerians I know and the ones I would have liked to know by saying a few nice words in their address and defending my title of Mr. Originality in terms of bringing the most original congratulating messages, of any kind, not just the birthday ones.

For an average human life is hard, for a cancerian life is ten times harder, a keen observation made not only on my own experience but on others' too. With that being said I wanna wish them to have enough valuable people in their lives, the kind that will help them with what they need, the kind to say a few nice words everyday that will bring a bit of comfort and feel that one more day can be classified as a successful one, one that was not lost in vain. Cancerians are special people with magical abilities, they can heal everything by giving a kind touch charged with kind feelings and a pure heart. That's why they deserve to be surrounded by the same kind of people and that is what I wish them.

Cancerians will always be hunted by their pasts and what I wish them is to learn to live with it, wish them to find a coping mechanism and not let it affect them, I wish them enough self-confidence and ambition to see only the good memories. I wish them to be understood the way it was meant for them to be understood, they're different, they're seven rays of a rainbow. The cancerian is a man of many talents, one can be whatever one wants, but for some of the cancerians it's hard to do it alone, they're people of whom you say "But there are some born to shine who can't do it alone/ So protect them and take special care/ Take care". I know for a fact that they can succeed in a lot of aspects, social, economy or politics, what they need is some will, hard work and a good support system formed by people they love, parents and best friends. I wish them to succeed and be lucky 'cause one thing they lack and that is not their fault is luck. I still haven't met one cancerian that never had any problems on terms of luck.

Not All Dreams Come True

No matter how much sometimes you dare to dream, send happy thoughts into the universe, no matter what you do some of your dreams will never come true and that's sad. It's not because of something you did or did not do, it's because of your condition. Not sure if I said it right. But to elaborate I'd add that no matter how much you fight it may not be enough. Some people are alone in their fights for a better future. They want to see the light at the end of the tunnel but eventually very few of them get to see it. It's hard to get what you want when you're alone with no support system of whatsoever.

Once I said that "I have a flame in my soul, too small to cause a fire, too big to die." Not sure if anyone said before but it sounds so right, it's sounds like a definition of my very own being and about my entire existence. 

I'd say dare to dream but only as long as you have a support system, these two words define today's day for me, it's not like I've realized it all of the sudden that I have no support system but it did hit me once again. It is believe that as much as a dreamer one is, is directly proportional to how much one is unhappy. The less one dreams, the happy one is. If you're aware that usually you dream big and it makes unhappy and miserable you better next time kill it before it becomes big, it's not worth it. But if you know that you're not alone in it then all you have to do is to look for it in yourself and fight.

Top 10 Songs of Today | Who Am I Music Chart

To keep people entertained somehow and prevent them from forgetting about my blog I've decided to come up with ten songs I like most today,  'cause tomorrow is another day and whole another mood. Here are ten songs I recommend you to listen for today, there are sweet, comfy and real nice songs to make your day/evening. Do not listen them in the morning, they might kill you for the day. And don't forget to tell me which one you've liked the most. If you've liked so far any of these songs and you would like to hear some of my other recommendations don't hesitate to ask, that would my day.

Do To Me What I Did To You | Reciprocity | Two-Ways Street

My entire life I've been walking on a street called Reciprocity.

It's a two-way street.

I've been saying "hi" to other people and they've been saying "hi" to me.

I've been smiling to them and they've been smiling to me back.

I've been saying to them how awesome they are, and well, some of them were saying the exact same thing to me. Sometimes the traffic on this street was horrible and some of them didn't get the chance or the time to reciprocate.

I was never mean on this street, and no one was ever mean to me.

I help other people and for me it's incredibly rewarding. And every time I help them I know for a fact that they're going to help me back, someday. They'll sens when I'll be in a need the most. It's how it works on this street. It's our policy. It's an unwritten law.

It's a happy street, people say compliments all the time, acknowledge how cool they are, exchange greetings.

Suits | 2nd Season Premiere

Suits - it's a drama on air since 2011 and is about Mike Ross, a college dropout who's dreams of becoming a lawyer got ruined in some unfortunate circumstances and who makes a living taking LSATs for other students. Thankfully for his amazing memorizing skills gets hired in a law firm by Harvey Specter, one of New York City's top attorneys. Once Mike does not have a degree, he and Harvey pretend that Mike is a Harvard alumni. You'll find this series particularly interesting to watch grace to its characters chemistry, Mike's eidetic memory and law knowledge, Harvey's kicking-ass techniques and many other things. This series has been classified as a hit series of 2011 and already got nominated for its first Screen Actors Guild.

On June 14th its second season premiered and now I have some catching up to do. I've watched through its first 11 minutes when I've realized I have strong feelings toward this series and strong reactions are coming up to my mind and at the risk of loosing them I am gonna write a review while watching. 

Be The Best Parent Your Kid Can Have

If you're planning having kids any time soon I might have a few tips for you. I'm not a parent yet, but I'm someone's child and that gives me fifty percent shares to "Family Enterprise". If you're looking all over the internet for guides on how to raise a child you're going to fail, both on finding one, and later on raising your child. the minute that child is born his personality starts to form, I bet his personality started to form while in the womb of his mother. The way he cries, the way he yawns, smiles or sleeps will tell you so many things about him, you just need to bother noticing them. You need to think that your child is one of a kind and there is no other cutter than yours. He's special and growing up will become someone and will achieve so many things, but in the first two decades you'll be more than partially responsible for his achievements or failures. 

The first thing you need to worry and never lose sight of the fact that you might screw him up, not screwing up your kid is really tough. Never let the education you got get in the way for educating your own kid, he's not you and will never be, we're all different and as we can't treat each other the same way we mustn't treat out kids the way we were treated when we were kids. Raising your kid is a whole new process that you should start from scratch. Never let your own beliefs get in the way of your child's own beliefs, let him know that he has options, at least it's how I am going to do when my turn will be. 

Who Am I ? Still Finding Out ... Fan Page

My latest obsession is building an audience and what tool is better to do that if not a facebook fan page. I've tried a lot of things, some of them are still ongoing and going to keep doing them, such as adding a signature to every comment I write on other websites or blogs. It's not OK dropping links but if it's preceded by a nice written comment it's not that big a deal. Writing this little article about my Facebook Fan Page will hopefully draw some of your attention and stay in touch with most of you. Somehow, in a weird way by having a fan page for your blog, website or maybe for some of your products you're offering for the general public, you get to understand the meaning of having fans. And if you're really lucky you'll get to feel what celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna might feel like :)

With every fan my page gets I feel motivated to keep fighting, keep writing more articles, sticking to my policy of favoring quality over quantity. I feel grateful for every like I've got so far, it means the world to me so everyone - thank you. You literally have no idea how much good you're doing for me and every like, every comment, every visit you're paying me makes my day a little brighter. Thanks for all your support and I hope it's not going to stop now, I hope you're going to stick with me because now are the times when I need you the most. Don't hesitate to say "Hi" once in a while and make your presence acknowledged. Also, if want me to write on certain subjects I'd like to hear them and engage with you into interesting discussions. So, a million times thank you. Stay tuned.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Madeleine Stowe | Hats Off To Weird People

I love weird people but not any kind of weird people, you know that kind, they're lovely, humble, their laugh is loud and they get easily embarrassed but they're totally sincere and frank about themselves. I like weird people who know they're weird and that makes them less weird than they think they are. Weird people who say they're not weird that's the kind of people you should stay the hell off. What made me write about is the following video with the remarkable Madeleine Stowe, the devious actress from the ABC show Revenge, my 2011-2012 guilty pleasure. I could not get enough of it and for the most of that is Madeleine's blame.  I particularly chose an image from Revenge 'cause she has the most amazing and still poker face you'll ever see on television. She has a killer-look. She portrays a character I didn't know I've been missing. 

I was glad and pleasantly surprised to see her off the set of Revenge.

Life is the Best Acting School

I've had dreams and nightmares about the stupid wish of becoming an actor someday, this is one the most stupid things you've ever heard (you'll probably think). It will never happen to me, but it doesn't mean it has to be the same for you. If you have the possibility to relocate yourself into the States go ahead and do it, that would be the first thing to do on your journey to becoming an actor. Relocate yourself somewhere where commercials and movies are filmed: New York, Los Angeles and other places I don't know about. If you had the bad luck of meeting people who don't believe in you screw them, if you feel, and I say feel, then don't let them get into your head and screw with it. No one knows better than you what are you capable of. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. 

With every movie I watch I have moments when I think to myself "Hey, I could that", 'cause I know I can, I feel that I can. It hurts at the same time that I'm not able to perform those scenes but I hold my head high, I won't go easy, "When I go to my grave, My head will be high" (Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds). I know great scenes when I see them, scenes that are worth to be seen by every living soul on this earth 'cause they can teach so many things, and can do so many things better than they were.

There isn't a better school to teach you to be an actor other than life. A friend of mine who's unfortunate as me told me that the main quality to have in order to excel as an actor is empathy - the capacity to understand through your own being what other people feel, think or need. I mean this is what being an actor means, breathe life into characters. You know you're already an actor when watching amazing dramatic scenes you start shivering, you feel electrified, you want to scream.

James Horner - Great Composer | My Favorite Music Composer II

One of my favorite things to do is adding my favorite movies to my collection 'cause for one it's what I do best, collect things or memories, looking at them I see my life, I made history and what I collected are the proof of that. One of the latest addition to my movie collection is Bicentennial Man starring Robin Williams, a movie that tells the story of a robot who through years turns into a man in love with a human being. This movie explores issues such as humanity, slavery, prejudice, maturity, intellectual freedom, conformity, sex and love. This is one of the best movies there is, is filled with warmth and genuine emotions. 

I just wanted to refresh my memory with a few scenes from the movie but as always I ended up watching it till the end.

The movie score is one thing that made me love this movie even more, it was so peaceful and so masterly placed to amplify the genuine emotions you get savoring each seconds of this true amazing work of art. 

Listening to the score I couldn't help but wonder that I've heard it before or at least something similar, it sounded so familiar, wondered if it has the same composer as for the score from A Beautiful Mind, and once again, my intuition did not disappoint, I was right and looking at the biography of James Horner, the man responsible for the music score of Bicentennial Man I was pleasantly surprised that these are the only movies he composed music for. Man, this composer is truly a music genius, one like we never saw before, unique and genuine, a composer that manages with movie to come up with something new and truly beautiful, a man that surpasses his own best works.