Not All Dreams Come True

No matter how much sometimes you dare to dream, send happy thoughts into the universe, no matter what you do some of your dreams will never come true and that's sad. It's not because of something you did or did not do, it's because of your condition. Not sure if I said it right. But to elaborate I'd add that no matter how much you fight it may not be enough. Some people are alone in their fights for a better future. They want to see the light at the end of the tunnel but eventually very few of them get to see it. It's hard to get what you want when you're alone with no support system of whatsoever.

Once I said that "I have a flame in my soul, too small to cause a fire, too big to die." Not sure if anyone said before but it sounds so right, it's sounds like a definition of my very own being and about my entire existence. 

I'd say dare to dream but only as long as you have a support system, these two words define today's day for me, it's not like I've realized it all of the sudden that I have no support system but it did hit me once again. It is believe that as much as a dreamer one is, is directly proportional to how much one is unhappy. The less one dreams, the happy one is. If you're aware that usually you dream big and it makes unhappy and miserable you better next time kill it before it becomes big, it's not worth it. But if you know that you're not alone in it then all you have to do is to look for it in yourself and fight.

Life is not fair and it's not like I just broke it to you but some of us (and by that with no modesty I meant me) will fade away, will never get the chance to show what are they made of.

My dreams are dying, one by one, it doesn't necessarily mean that yours should too. If you have a dream pursue it no matter what, if you can and no one stands in your way do it, think of those who want but can't, you owe it to them. Make their dreams live through you. Make their lives mean something.

I am another drop in the ocean, insignificant.

I believe that in the past there were a lot of people, great and smart and intelligent people, who never saw their dreams come true, and maybe this a way to find peace, to find closure for the broken dreams. Everyday I go to the graveyard of my broken dreams, only to realize they're not there, they've come to me to haunt me everyday and it's not hard to answer to the "why" question, it's because I let them, it's painful but also in a weird way comforting.

In another life, having the same personality I bet my life would have turned out to be great. Wanna know why ? I have a soul or maybe to much brain chemistry, I understand people in a way that doesn't involve logic, logic is for solving math problems, not for everyday human interaction. I wanna say my mom taught me the difference between right and wrong but I'd be lying, I did it by myself, therefore I am capable to make difference and find the line between the two and it's not that blurry as it seems to many people. I laugh and cry, sometimes one more than the other.

I know a lot but most of the time it seems like I don't know a single thing. I've  seen to much pain and misery for my age, maybe it's the country I live in, maybe it's the century,  I don't know exactly.

My life is in a painful slow motion and I'm to tired already. All I hope now is to finally meet the day of actually living until it's not way to late. But I'm afraid that is not true, it is too late already.


  1. These I've been thinking that I'm sick of everything, no more movies no matter how much i love watching movies I'm done for the time being, no mare watching FRIENDS with the Gellers and Jennifer Aniston, no more nothing. I find hard to write about something interesting 'cause I get it why, at least one of many reasons why people stop by once and then never come back again, to see what's new on this blog, and that's because all my blog posts are filled with despair and depression, if I were to be happier i don't think I would visit such blogs either. I was thinking these days what else is there for me to do ?

    Besides this blog i literally have nothing left, I have no one, no best friends, only a few people I happen to know, they don't ask me anything unless i go and tell them, it's how it works for me now.

    And then here you are, making my day, your comments are awesome dude (or girl, don't know really :) ) I read the lyrics you posted and reminded me of Les Miserables only not about the old one but about the upcoming one with Anne Hathaway (trailer for it I can't wait to see it, I've listen to Susan Boyle's interpretation which is amazing and truly inspiring, I've posted it in one of my articles.

    What I wanted to say about the ones that daydream a lot is that they're unhappy, they daydream as a result of being unhappy, I go from one dream to another, 'cause it's what i do best, I've been a dreamer ever since I knew myself, but my parents didn't care for it and never did, not even now in these difficult times. I've tried many things but I feel stuck and there is a chance that is not going to change any time soon, the only thing I want is to have somebody to go through all this. And you kind of, are helping me and for that thanks. You've helped like no one did before. It's truly an example for others to follow. Thanks

  2. i'm sorry ?! did not understand that.

  3. I wrote you a long comment that can be seen up, over the one written by Anca Vrinceanu. and signed as Odliam, but I am know by untony, too!

    Sorry for not knowing how to use your site.

    If you cannot see my comment, tell me I will add it here.

    Thank you for your patience!

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  5. If I were to write something about myself and my environment I would have written in a pretty similar way you did!

    But it was true for some years ago, before I lost half of my life and became an expat!

    Aside from the loss, I must thank my nomad life for the new understanding of this unreality that disguise itself as actuality.

    Never was a philosopher and those times as now that I try to grasp the meaning of ouor delusion as human beings, I usually am so shallow that can't be more


    But I understand your point. I lived immerse in that world you describe for too long, fortunately, the movement around the world I had to do for a living

    helped me to get a new viewpoint and erased most of the preconceived ideas we like to foster while living into our blessed America.

    All this is my opinion , of course, not the holy truth. I am not refuting any of your viewpoints, only telling you how I could learn that "reality" is not

    the monster we must fight against to see our dreams come true, and that most of our dreams are only that, dreams!

    The surprise for my opposition to change, driven by my obstinate belief of being in possession of the TRUTH, was to find out that there are other aims,

    other targets to my own being than those I was taught as desire goals in life.

    In the bottom line you find the fact that "Not All Dreams Come True" is a blessing.

    I know there are too many "bad" things in our life, and we, Americans, tend to think we are not to blame for them, but are we not? And I mean human beings

    in general, only stating one very generalized belief in USA.

    I, like you, thought I deserved a better support system to help me make my dreams a reality. I didn't realize, until I was alone in the middle of nowhere

    in the world when I discovered I had that support system as an include feature in my inner machine.

    As you said, you are a small, insignificant drop in the vast Ocean of Life, but if you are not there, the Ocean will not mean anything since it lacks your


    Happiness is a road, you walk on it, even if you do not realize you are happy. From time to time, we found platforms or shoulder along the road and wheb we

    approach them we learn what despondency, and grief is. Some of us find too many of those platform, stay too long in them instead to keep going and then the

    shadow of evil and pain oveerrule the weigh of happiness. Too much time in these places ruin and destroy most of our strength to keep going to our final

    site as fate prepare it (Please, be careful with my own words, sometime they are misleading, but they are the only one we have to communicate out toughts)

    I am not talking about religion nor any mystical path that promised a better land, only using those reasons that show the path in an easier way.

    Try to take advantage of those ugly plstforms that give you the footstep to reenact youe¿r wolking on the happines road of; never give up! Giving up is

    just a fantasy created by the Big Phantom of the world, but when you grab his beard and pull down heartily, it just become a small sprite with no stamina

    nor strength fo face you, just be meak but strong. There is nobody in the world that possessed your insignificance. Jut make it an important thing in the

    tissue of life.

    I know you can, because I could, and I am a lot more insignificant than you.

    This is a too long comment, maybe I have to cut it in several parts.

    If you are intrigued by all these "nonsense" just give a look to "http.geistland." I must tell you this is a kind of private blog where I let

    many things to slip by, maybe it mah rile you, maybe you can like it, who knows? but writing those painful posts had caressed my soul with a soft balm of


    My best, my friend!


  6. Now I can see it down this.
    Hope you can get it too
    Sorry, I am used to Bloggers, hate Social sites and get messed up by all these Mumbo Jumbo! :)

  7. Sorry about the whole lot of mistakes I was testing the way to send the comment to you and didn't read the first edition! :)

  8. what I want others to understand is that all unhappiness I feel is not by choice, if I had a choice I'd choose to be happy. Not sure if you know but I'm not American even if I wish I'd be one, my life would turn to be totally different if I were in the states right now. I keep going even if I don't want to. Why i feel so useless and unworthy of some happiness ? My parents openly told me that I'm all those things, useless, unworthy of their help, that i can't do anything, well, I've isolated myself from them but not totally isolated, I still live in their house, eat their food and run into them every once in a while, never had their support 'cause I'm that kind of children, who needs support every step of the way. I'm artistic and they failed to notice that. I'm saying this in a comment, I can't write about that without openly criticizing them. It seems like my life it's over before it had a chance to start. I got screwed every time I tried something, there was no " you can do it" or " if you failed, try again" instead I got "you're a failure", "I told you so, you should have listened" This is my life and I can't do anything about it. To change my life I need money, money that parents have but have no intention of giving to me, but I can't make them on my own, it's not that i can't, well maybe that too, but there are no jobs in my country, and without money i can't go to other countries either, so again, I'm screwed, big time. I, naively, hope that this blog someday will become popular enough to make a few hundreds dollars a month and never ever leave home. Omg, my life is boring.

    Thanks for your comment, it took my mind off bad things like offing myself into oblivion and how much depressing this life is. Like Horus, the commenter above, you've helped a lot and for that thanks and hope to read your comments in the future even if sometimes i won't be able to do the same for you.

  9. not a problem :)

  10. Hey! ^^

    You are welcome my friend! ^^
    You are making my day too!
    Your texts and comments are awesome too! Yeah, I'm a dude! :P
    I will post the video you show me, in my blog, its a great and awesome news for me! :D
    Feel free to leave comments in mine too or send me mail if you want, I'm here!
    Remember always:
    If you need a hand, I have two...

    big hug :)

  11. one more suggestion, old suggestion kind of, I for one have a low eyesight, the font on your blog it's really hard to read, it can give headaches, I hope you won't take it the wrong way, and by the way I like Evanescence too :)

  12. Did you get there again after? :P
    I made some changes already! ;)

  13. Let me know if you have still problems reading it! :P
    I'm glad you like Evanescence too! :)

  14. yes, not all dreams come true, not all dreams can become reality.

    this is a sad truth & reality,
    but I truly really respect you for being real honest to admit & say this out loud, whereas 99% most people probably still don't want to admit this, in all their ignorance, naive/naivety, & blind stupid optimism.

    Reality is cruel.