Top 10 Songs of Today | Who Am I Music Chart 2nd Edition

First Top 10 I posted a few days ago has been received well, stumbled-upon ten times which never happened to me before with any of my articles so I thought I'd make another Top 10 for you to enjoy. Songs that make my heart race, that throw me into struggle with my self, that make me feel nothing but anxiety that weirdly enough makes me enjoy a few moments a year all the pain I've been going through. I hope these songs will make you what I've felt 'cause for one reason it is sublime.

If any suggestions to me, based on what you have listened from the songs below I would love to listen to them. So far, which one you liked the most ? Don't forget to share these songs further.


  1. Hello there!
    Very nice top 10!
    Like your blog, following you in Google Friend Connect! :)
    keep it up! ^^

  2. well, you just made my day, thank you very much, thanks for everything :)