Wanna be a good FRIEND ?

Hey there, it's been a little while since my last article. Since, they are barely read I promised to myself I'm not gonna write that much in a 30 days amount of time.

All the shit that has been happening to me for a while now made me think of how you can improve yourself into being a better friend for those who expect you to, 'cause trust me there a lot of people who have expectation from you.

So, here is a list of what you can do to prove that you are trying:

  • read twitter, facebook and other social networking statuses from time to time 
  • like those statuses after careful reading
  • comment statuses that intrigued you, statuses that you liked and read carefully
  • say "hi" once in a while, show that you're alive and the blood inside you is still running in your vanes
  • if you can't be there for your friends as you should at least try and keep in touch through Skype, not just type but CALL too