Friends with Celebrities.

For my entire life, I've treated friendships like relationships, in a weird way they're not very different. As for girlfriends/boyfriends you care for your friends, you take care of them.

I always screen my list of friends from zodiacal point of view, some people may consider it is bullshit. And I always mention that they should not confuse daily horoscope with zodiacal signs, where the first one it's complete non-sense. You may believe it or not, but take a second and think of someone you cannot stand, remember his/hers birthday and compare it to your sign, and you'll see you're not compatible.

Also, I always took a behind-the-curtain stand and analyze what's happening around and in front of me. Having a good memory (especially on what, who and when something has been done to me) I analyzed my friends and my "used to be" friends and think of why it didn't work out. As some sources say, the best friends for my sign (cancer) are the ones born in March (until 20, Pisces), May (until 20, Taurus) and November (until 21, Scorpio). I also am in good terms, generally with the ones from my own sign, Cancers, also with from Aquarius, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Making at least one visit on IMDb to look for the latest news in cinematography and watch the trailers for the upcoming movies, I also take a look on celebrities having their birthdays, sometimes I look surprised to know that some of them are born on certain days, but other times I think how good friends would we be if we were born in a perfect world.

All of the sudden I got the idea of making a list of the celebrities I'd be good buds with, I think why not ?! So, let's begin with Scorpios who proved to be my best friends.

Then my high compatibility with Pisces.


Also, the last, but not the least here are the Taurus representatives:


But let's not forget about my own - the Cancers! Who would understand you better if not your own "colleagues" ?! :)


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