I Wish You ...

... in the years to come (not just in 2012) to finish what you have started in the last few years. I wish you to celebrate the endings of beautiful things and events and celebrate new beginnings. When celebrating I wish you not to be alone, but be surrounded by people who love you, like you, cherish you, idolize you 'cause I can tell they will at least try not to hurt you. But if ...

  • if you're alone I wish you meet people who'll be there for you all the time

  • if you want to be happy I wish you meet people who'll make you happy, have little things with endless meaningfulness 

  • if you want money I wish to meet opportunities and catch them in one breath
I want you to be powerful the entire year, but just in case you run out of power come to me, I can loan you some. Every year is a perfect opportunity to find the true meaning of what friendship means, I wish 2012 will be your year.

My New Year's Resolution

When the end of a year is getting closer you begin to think of how it's started, you think of all that happened during the last 12 months, was is good ? Was is bad ?

Then you think of a new beginning, think of new changes, new things, a new plan and that's called - New Year's Resolution, it's like promising yourself to behave better in the New Year so you could end up on Santa's Good Kids lists only in much elaborate way.

All I can think of is that 2011 could've been better,a lot better, but as long as 2012 is going to be a little better I am going to call it a success, but I won't know until December 2012.

For the year to come I solemnly promise:

The Museum of Me

Months ago I got to experience this Facebook application that somehow keeps making me smile every time I use it. By giving it access to your Facebook account information (don't worry, it's safe) it creates a virtual museum of YOU.

Some of you , my dear Facebook friends, will catch sight of themselves as you my dear friends are a part of my past, present and future. Although some of you are (still) in my friends your part in my life is done. Thank you for passing through my life, but especially a thank those people who stayed.

Here is the video of The Museum of Me:

Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

Tomorrow some people celebrate with their families or friends or both Christmas. For some people it has some religious connotation, for others it's just Christmas, the magic period when you get gifts from your loved ones. It's the period of time when you sit quietly near the fireplace and listen to Christmas songs and restore all the power and energy you lost during the day at work or after dealing with brown nosing relatives.

Use this day to wish and say things that you only on special occasions, words like "I love you", "I cherish you" or "I miss you". It's a special day to give smiles to all people, to those who laugh but especially to those who cry. Don't save it all for Christmas day and give just a little love everyday.

For all of you who celebrate this day in any kind, I wish you:

  • a Merry Christmas ( a Happy New Year a bit later in the next week)
  • to be with your loved ones, whoever they are: brothers, sisters, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, etc.

Favorite TV Shows or Best TV Shows

Up until now you've known me little, showing you the list of my favorite TV shows will help you shape the image of me a little bit closer to the true one (in case, of course, you want to).

See below a full list of shows I've watched and still watch, with details of their ratings, press and awards.

1. Grey's Anatomy - been active since 2005, now on its 8th season. The multiple award winning TV show averaged 22 million first season, on second and third season had even bigger ratings. That was about ratings. Now about the plot. It's about five interns, about their struggles to become surgeons, but also about their personal matters. No matter who you are you find yourself related to at least character. It's not that much about their professional lives as their personal lives and how manage or fail to manage what they face everyday. This show is full of tragedies, not made up but inspired on true stories, by watching and trying to understand you get immunized for similar situations in your own life. But also, you'll come to appreciate its humor. Great acting, great plot lines, great soundtracks. If you want a preview of the entire show watch this:

Also to see amazing scenes look here:

2. Desperate Housewives - active since 2004, now on its 8th and final season. You may be mislead by its title but I can assure it's not only about housewives, some of them work too :). There is comedy and drama - it's a dramedy. Filled with interesting plot lines and lots of cliffhangers. It's a show about families and how they struggle with their daily things, it's about children and different way of raising them, it's about right and wrong, and how you can make wrong right again. It's about people's mistakes, it show you the true definition of friendship, but more or less it shows you also what backstabbing means. This multiple award winning show (7 Emmys and 3 Golden Globes) teaches you valuable lesson without having go through all the bad things that happened to these characters. To watch a preview of this amazing show watch the video below.

3. FRIENDS - I've had my share of comedies but nothing compares to this one, it's truly the greatest TV comedy in the history. It ran between '94 and 2004, its finale was watched by 60 million viewers. This show it's filled with dozen of jokes per minute. It will blow you away with every single episode. I, for instance, watched it 5 times from its first episode till the last one, and I laughed as hard as I did when I watched it the first time. You'll learn on fast-track what true friendship means, it'll teach you how to stand for your friends, it'll teach you how to stay the same good friends for many years to come. It'll show you that falling in love with your best friend is possible, it'll give you comfort for the loss you have experienced and give you hope that true friendships may be around the corner.

4. House MD - a great competition for the aforementioned medical drama Grey's Anatomy, its ratings and success was not worse, sometimes better (and I am explaining it this way, people avoid feelings and run from crying scenes being to weak to face them). This show is based basically on one character - the sarcastic and deceitful Dr. Gregory House, who doesn't obey to the rules, either internal hospital rules or any other laws. People are trying to change him and make him a better man who would actually feel for his patients, despite the fact that he is only one who treats cases that no one else can, he is the genius of the diagnostics. Throughout the series you see him as a genius doctor and a drug addict (after suffering a trauma got addicted to Vicodin) who is uncertain about where this gift comes from, his awesomeness or his addiction to Vicodin, or both ? Watching this series you'll love his sarcastic sense of humor and his way of treating patients, who according to him everybody lies.

5. Suits - it's a drama on air since this year (we're still in 2011) and is about Mike Ross, a college dropout who's dreams of becoming a lawyer got ruined in some unfortunate circumstances and who makes a living taking LSATs for other students. Thankfully for his amazing memorizing skills gets hired in a law firm by Harvey Specter, one of New York City's top attorneys. Once Mike does not have a degree, he and Harvey pretend that Mike is a Harvard alumni. You'll find this series particularly interesting to watch grace to its characters chemistry, Mike's eidetic memory and law knowledge, Harvey's kicking-ass techniques and many other things. This series has been classified as a hit series of 2011 and already got nominated for its first Screen Actors Guild. Watch the promo below and be struck by the its genuine acting and performances.

Read this one already ? Have another one on its way to you.

What's your favorite show ? Would you or are you watching one of the above ?

If I Have a Million Dollars

Surfing the internet looking for subjects to write about, that would suit my blog I found something interesting and I chose to write about what if I had one million dollar.

We often think about this, about what if we never had financial issues every single day of our lives ?

What if we always had enough money ?

We may find out the answer at some point in our lives, or we just may never find out.

I, for instance, would buy a house in the suburbs of a big city, like Los Angeles or London., live in the suburbs and enjoy the big city from afar.

I would pay my acting classes and finally get the chance to act in TV shows such as House, Grey's Anatomy or Suits. To live that thrill every day, doing it with grace and dedication without having the feeling that is a paid job. Many actors are in the film industry just because the pay is good. For me acting is more than a job, it's a way of living the life. Believe or not, I act every day, pretending I am friends with people I actually hate, respecting even if is more of an act 'cause respect is the last thing they deserve, acting pleasantly among people who despise me and try to bring me down, but every now and then I remember a saying, if people are trying to bring you down it means you're above them.

Guide: Ce sa faci ca calculatorul sa ruleze mai rapid!

Sunt o persoana care intotdeauna, in masura posibilitatilor, ajuta semenii nostri, acest fapt se rasfringe si la armonizarea calculatoarelor cu al meu care se afla intr-o stare perfecta din punct de vedere al rularii rapide si eficiente. Nimic nu te ajuta mai mult decit propria experienta, dar daca aceasta iti lipseste o poti folosi pe a mea prin a vedea o serie de ajustari pe care ti-o propun mai jos.

Mi-am stricat calculatorul de sute de ori in cei 6-7 ani de cind il am in posesie, si nimic nu m-a ajutat mai mult decit posedarea limbii engleze la un nivel satisfacator si internetul.

Deseori vreai ca calculatorul tau sa ruleze ca in prima zi cind l-ai adus acasa, ce te sfatui mai jos ar putea sa ta aduca mai aproape de aceasta dorinta.

O buna parte din timp, din punct de vedere al Antivirusului calculatorul mi-a rulat pe ESET Nod32, care la vremea lui nu era mai rau decit Kaspersky. Acum ca pe piata a aparut Microsoft Security Essentials care pe linga faptul ca detecteaza 98.44% din virusi, viermii de calculator si Trojans, cit si 90.95% din softuri de spionaj si adware, dar si faza ca e complet gratuit. Poate fi descarcat de pe site-ul oficial Microsoft.

How Facebook affected my life!

A few decades ago if someone would have killed you socially you'd probably have to change schools or even cities to start your life all over again, 'cause there would not be any time to let things cool off and come back without being even noticed. Today we have Facebook.

As grateful as I am to Mark but I think the "birth" of Facebook was a round of  Russian roulette, it could have gone either way. I think his impact on humanity was more of an accident, a positive accident, which naturally happens one time in a million years. With this being said, no one (at least not me) is denying his giftedness.

Me: Hi, my name is Eugene, I'm a Face-oholic.
People: Hi Eugene.

Thankfully no one's liver has anything to suffer from. My socially-awkwardness has met this miracle a few years back and saved me for being socially dead. I don't like going to bars, nightclubs, I don't like big crowds at big concerts, I like enjoying my time at a good movie with my friends, or having them at my house and as stupid as it sounds, cook [for] them. Just kidding.

Facebook gave me a lot of [fake] friends, that if you look closely enough you'll a big haystack, from which, if you're lucky enough, you're going to find the needle, with whom you'll have long and weakly, sometimes boring and yet productive conversations.

Ginduri abrupte II (2)

Deseori am gânduri (filosofice) numai bune pentru a fi baza unor articole numai bune pentru blog-ul meu însa la fel de deseori ma găsesc într-o stare neinspirata incit nu pot crea un articole bine editate pornite de la acele gânduri, de aici mi-am și reamintit de un vechi articol în care mi-am expus în mod genial mai multe gânduri fără ca sa se amestece intre ele, gânduri abrupte, gânduri aparte, gânduri separate.

So let the thinking begin!

  • Numele meu este Eugeniu (grecescul Eugenios) din care "eu" înseamna "bine" și "gen" înseamnă "a naște, a zămisli, a produce", deci după logica greceasca cei care poarta acest nume au tendință (deși nu e garantat) de a face bine. Eehhh. Dintr-o logica mai moderna, Eu+geniu, oare pe cit de geniu pot eu fi sau sunt ca atare ? Oare cit de mult bine fac eu pentru alții ?
  • Niște evenimente recent m-au făcut sa ma gândesc la identitate și anume la acel set de caracteristici definitorii pe care le poseda fiecare din noi. Identitatea consta din individualitatea ta și pe cit de diferit de alții ești. Identitatea este felul în care te vezi sau te definești, sau rețeaua de valori și principii care iți structurează viata. A avea identitate înseamnă uniformitate în tot timpul indiferent de circumstanțe, identitatea este condiția unei persoane care este sine fără a pretinde de a fi ceva ce de fapt nu e; individualitate, personalitate. Nu accepta sub nici o forma ca cineva să-ți lezeze din individualitate, nu accepta sa fii uniformizat cu un șablon prestabilit, nu accepta sa fii "culcat pe patul lui Procust".

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Nowadays I'm in a mood for writing blog articles (that frankly are barely read, but still thankful for the 10 people who visit).

"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the one I used to know", these are some lyrics from Michael Bublé's songs, that somehow compensates for the lack of snow, although as I check everyday for the 15-day forecast it's almost certain we are going to have snow on the days of December 23rd to 25th. But the snow may come sooner, who knows.

Christmas and the New Year's Eve are coming on a running pace and still have to figure out where I am going to spend them, have to look for some friends to have me at their dinner tables, 'cause unfortunately there isn't going to be one in my home.

I think the time has come to look for a Christmas tree, or for its imitation to have it decorated, oh God, I can't wait to have Christmas lights on. These little things will come to compensate for many things in my life.

Quotes I - LI (1-51)

Most of these quotes describe the way I think, represent my way of being, my policies. Some of them are funny and yet true. Wanna know a bit more ? Read these quotes I collected on Facebook, God Bless Zuckerberg!

What if ...

Most of the time I think what if I was never supposed to live this life ? And if I am living it what if I am not cut up to actually live it ?

Some people or maybe most of them, want just to adjust just a little their lives to be better. I, want it to be entirely different and I don't need "it's not too late" kind of crap. I've been existing 8 192 days on this f***ing earth, but I've actually lived just a few, nor to say not one of them.

I know when to admit that is or isn't my fault, here, it is, but it's not entirely mine, I'd say more than that, it's my fault just a little. I don't want this life, I don't want it at all. I know, in another life I'd live it totally different and I bet I'd have a bigger impact on people.

I have a flame in my soul, too small to cause a fire, too big to die.

My dreams are dying, one by one, it doesn't necessarily mean that yours should too. If you have a dream pursue it no matter what, if you can and no one stands in your way do it, think of those who want but can't, you owe it to them. Make their dreams live through you. Make their lives mean something.

I am another drop in the ocean, insignificant.