If I Have a Million Dollars

Surfing the internet looking for subjects to write about, that would suit my blog I found something interesting and I chose to write about what if I had one million dollar.

We often think about this, about what if we never had financial issues every single day of our lives ?

What if we always had enough money ?

We may find out the answer at some point in our lives, or we just may never find out.

I, for instance, would buy a house in the suburbs of a big city, like Los Angeles or London., live in the suburbs and enjoy the big city from afar.

I would pay my acting classes and finally get the chance to act in TV shows such as House, Grey's Anatomy or Suits. To live that thrill every day, doing it with grace and dedication without having the feeling that is a paid job. Many actors are in the film industry just because the pay is good. For me acting is more than a job, it's a way of living the life. Believe or not, I act every day, pretending I am friends with people I actually hate, respecting even if is more of an act 'cause respect is the last thing they deserve, acting pleasantly among people who despise me and try to bring me down, but every now and then I remember a saying, if people are trying to bring you down it means you're above them.
I would like to establish a foundation and fight, militate for a cause like poverty or hunger, raise awareness among all people to finally give a shit about world issues. It would be a nice change to do charity all year long and not just near winter holidays, Christmas or Easter. There are people vanishing because no one is investing in their talents, I would like to have the possibility to discover them.

Having money your life seems easier to live, I guess if you manage your financial matters in the right way they may bring you a lot of happiness.

I don't need the latest gadgets, iPhones or iPods to actually feel alive.  Human beings need a lot of things to feel alive, I just need a beating heart without fearing to have it hurt.

What do you need to feel alive ? What would you with one million dollars ?

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