Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

Tomorrow some people celebrate with their families or friends or both Christmas. For some people it has some religious connotation, for others it's just Christmas, the magic period when you get gifts from your loved ones. It's the period of time when you sit quietly near the fireplace and listen to Christmas songs and restore all the power and energy you lost during the day at work or after dealing with brown nosing relatives.

Use this day to wish and say things that you only on special occasions, words like "I love you", "I cherish you" or "I miss you". It's a special day to give smiles to all people, to those who laugh but especially to those who cry. Don't save it all for Christmas day and give just a little love everyday.

For all of you who celebrate this day in any kind, I wish you:

  • a Merry Christmas ( a Happy New Year a bit later in the next week)
  • to be with your loved ones, whoever they are: brothers, sisters, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, etc.
  • if you're alone I wish you to enjoy your alone time with good music, a good Christmas movie, good Christmas songs, a good snack or something cooked by you
  • have a great day and then evening and may this day rock your world (in the good sense of the word)
  • if you wanna talk and share I'm all your using "Chat with Jenea" placed in the right side of the blog.
Here you can find some Christmas music and enjoy reading my articles.
    Below, there is a Christmas wishing from Celine Dion, have a listen of it and enjoy your time wherever you are, and whomever you are with.

    While listening, what you wish me for this day :) ?

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