What is luck ?

I always begin writing a blog article by looking for the perfect image to represent what I am trying to say, an article without an image will leave me with feeling that something is missing, that something is incomplete.

I guess feeling incomplete is not something I am very fond of, the less I feel incomplete the better.

It's been a while now since I've been obsessing with finding a definition to what luck is, that will give me some closure to my streak of bad luck. But even to find this very definition you must have some luck after all. But lately I've been feeling like I have no luck at all.

Some people say that we are the ones to make our own luck, well, how much truth lies in that ?

I tend to over-think things, I spend hours giving a lot of thought to things that are not worth thinking about, but I guess it's what I do, it's a part of me, over-thinking things and I've come to the conclusion that there are certain people who are in our lives or are yet to come and these people hold our luck in their hands.

Facebook New Blogging Platform

Have you ever wondered how a Facebook blogging platform would look like? Well, I've asked myself that very question and I've worked a few hours straight to get an answer.

Without a doubt, Facebook is one of the most innovative creations of the twenty first century and accomplished what many couldn't. Active users of Facebook increased from just a million in 2004 to over 750 million in 2011.

A few decades ago if someone would have killed you socially you'd probably have to change schools or even cities to start your life all over again, 'cause there would not be any time to let things cool off and come back without being even noticed. Today we have Facebook.

As grateful as I am to Mark but I think the "birth" of Facebook was a round of  Russian roulette, it could have gone either way. I think his impact on humanity was more of an accident, a positive accident, which naturally happens one time in a million years. With this being said, no one (at least not me) is denying his giftedness.

Musical Rediscoveries

It's no wonder that music (and movies) is the blood that keeps my heart pumping, without it I cease to exist. Without it I'm nothing.

Today was a beautiful day, solely grace to one of most romantic movies of all time (solely in my opinion) Kate & Leopold, main characters played by Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman. When Kate was falling asleep in Leo's arms she told him that the old man across the street before going to sleep always listen to "Breakfast at Tiffany's" soundtrack - Moon River sang by Andy Williams.

Then I recalled that it also was a soundtrack in the "Sex and the City" HBO series. Well, who wouldn't want this amazing, stunning, breathtaking and romantic song to be a soundtrack for their works of art.

Here, I present you Moon River.

With this song the definition of me becomes more complete, more than it was yesterday, or the day before. Playing this song, without a doubt I have the feeling like I am in heaven, like nothing bad has ever happened to me and that nothing bad is ever going to happen.

Where did you go ?

There are times when I remember how much I miss some people, some of them are not in my life anymore, some of them are not enough, either way it hurts to miss them, it hurts to care for them, it hurt to love them ...

My past has always been a part of my present and will remain a significant part of my future. Will try to erase the bad memories and keep only the positive ones, but I have still a long way to go to reach that.

Grey's Anatomy | 8x19 | Support System | Review

Grey's Anatomy is one show that certainly can deliver beautiful intros, this time it showed us in a recap manner how Christina's and Owen's relationship grew and hit rocks all at the same time, it showed us how Owen's saved her life when she tripped and fell and got an icicle insider of her up until the scene where she throws the cereal bowl in his face.

In this episode Christina continued to be a mystery to me, why on earth would she want to hear the recap of Owen's one night stand ?

It reminds me of Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS, about Ross trying to explain himself and wanting to be forgiven but instead she asked him "How was it ? Was she good?" What followed meant the end for them. And I sense that Christina is looking for something that is so unforgivable so she can end all that in a blink of an eye without feeling guilty.

Shonda promised us the old Christina, the cold blooded Christina and that's not a good sign for Christina and Owen as a couple.

Aside from that, Sloan as chief ? Are you kidding ? The worst possible candidate for a chief of surgery.

Alex and April blackmailing Lexie to help the two to study for boards was precious.

Absolut Cities

Here are some amazing postcards with images that represent different cities from Europe. Absolut Cities issues postcards with different cities from around the world but the ones I will post are just from Europe.

Have a good time admiring architecture, colors and shapes.

You really gotta love them.

Haters and hatred!

Haters - as I define them a bunch of frustrated people. Some people love their haters, I hate my haters, I'm not in that time of my life to embrace the fact that I have more haters than any average people.

But who can we classify as haters ?

"People that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn't really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock someone down a notch."

A simplest definition tell that a hater is "a person who expresses intense feelings of hatred or spite, when the reason for this is perceived as unreasonable or spurious."

I wouldn't mind them at all if they wouldn't shamelessly influence others' opinion, I mean how brainless and spineless do some people need to be to have their opinions formed by others ?

On the plus side, having haters is a sign that your actions and decisions are the good ones. Also, if you know how to deal with them it may be good because it will mean that you're popular and everyone is talking about you. I'm not gonna embrace that, not just yet.

Touch | 1x04 | Kite Strings | Review

Another week, another lesson on how we all are connected between each other. This time Jake tells us that human beings are hard-wired with the impulses to share our ideas and the desire to know we've been heard, it's all part of our need for community. That's why we're constantly sending out signals and signs and why look for them from other people. We're always waiting for messages. Hoping for connection. And if we haven't received a message, it doesn't always mean it hasn't been sent to us. Sometimes it means we haven't been listening hard enough.

This time we see sadness in Martin's eyes we he learns that there is no possibility of finding any remains of his late wife, who tragically died in the events of September 11, the most sad and tragic event in the history of the United States (in my opinion). Finding any remains of his wife was important for him, to find closure and finally mourn her the way he needed.

Scandal | 1x01 | Pilot | Review

Scandal - the new series from legendary and world renown TV Series creator, the one and only Shonda Rhimes.

And so Shonda Rhimes strikes again with a new hit TV series, this time set in Washington DC, the place where the scandal feels at home and ready to jump on you at every corner.

The series introduces us to a life-based character Olivia Pope who is a goddess when it comes to making a scandal vanish into the fin air, she is the one you wanna keep on your speed dial just in case your life starts to spiral out of control.

I fell in love instantly with Kerry Washington's character, Olivia Pope is perfect at managing crises only because of her imperfections. Through the entire episode she proves that only screwed up people like them can make a change for the better, only they can protect us, our lives and our reputation.

The episode opens up with Harrison Wright offering a job to Quinn Perkins, personally asked by Olivia and in Quinn's first day she witnesses Olivia's involvement in case where the image of the first and most powerful man on earth, the President of the United States is at stakes.

Grey's Anatomy | 8x18 | The Lion Sleeps Tonight | Review

After taking a long break Grey's Anatomy is back and better than ever. The last episode ended in the old fashioned way of letting us process some things but also left us wanting more.

Christina has just learned that Owen cheated on her and apparently all that paranoia was not just an act of her imagination (and mine as well). Since last episode we were processing and refusing to believe that Owen would do something like this.

It's been a long time since we had some compelling cases in the ER and this time we have a lion, an actually lion to blame or to thank for. We had an idiot on the OR table who was left to think that he was a hero that saved the life of the lion owner, whom he tried to date. And idiotic is having a full-grown lion at your home ? How socially deprived do you need to be to raise a lion instead of a cat ?

And there was Teddy. It seemed that her grieving was far from being over, she tried a grief group but I guess it was too much for her, I didn't realize she was in so much denial, didn't know that she refused to comprehend Henry's death. And when we thought that grieving group was too much for her, now she must take care of an old man who had a heart-attack from literally bumping into the lion earlier that day. I guess the lion made more victims than we thought.

March in Review, Blogwise + Blogger Tips

March has a been a productive month, I've worked hard on my blog, have made some radical changes, from black and dark colors to bright and shinny ones though I'm not bright and shinny. I've submitted my blog to dozens of directories and blog related websites that are set to help bloggers like me. I will explain the way I do it and may be you'll find some tips to improve your way of blogging, tips to make your blog more likable and find out what I am looking for in a blog

Sometimes I am a blogger, other times I am reader, but most of the time I am artist, not a painter, musician or other kind of performer, simply an artist who plays with words, shapes and colors. Some bloggers might want to keep it simple, I, on the other hand, like it complex. It was not complex at first but as I progressed it became such way. There were many things that helped me 'cause there was not way I could do it alone.

At the beginning of March I promised to myself to fight for at least two thousands pageviews, I was pessimistic and skeptic about it but blogging is on thing that keeps me sane and brings me some joy so I fought hard and so my expectations were surpassed by the reality and I got 2.7 thousands pageviews.