Where did you go ?

There are times when I remember how much I miss some people, some of them are not in my life anymore, some of them are not enough, either way it hurts to miss them, it hurts to care for them, it hurt to love them ...

My past has always been a part of my present and will remain a significant part of my future. Will try to erase the bad memories and keep only the positive ones, but I have still a long way to go to reach that.

Do you have somebody that you miss so much that it hurts ? What would you say to them if they would stand right before you ?


  1. i love my mom and ı miss her where did you go mom !!!!!1

    1. what do you mean ? did she die or something ? I hope she died 'cause having her left makes her a lousy mother.

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    1. go and get her back, don't let her be the one that got away :)

  3. i miss my gf that is so cute and i miss you so come back home plsease

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    1. yeah, it kinda has that effect on many of us, thanks for your comments, appreciate it