What is luck ?

I always begin writing a blog article by looking for the perfect image to represent what I am trying to say, an article without an image will leave me with feeling that something is missing, that something is incomplete.

I guess feeling incomplete is not something I am very fond of, the less I feel incomplete the better.

It's been a while now since I've been obsessing with finding a definition to what luck is, that will give me some closure to my streak of bad luck. But even to find this very definition you must have some luck after all. But lately I've been feeling like I have no luck at all.

Some people say that we are the ones to make our own luck, well, how much truth lies in that ?

I tend to over-think things, I spend hours giving a lot of thought to things that are not worth thinking about, but I guess it's what I do, it's a part of me, over-thinking things and I've come to the conclusion that there are certain people who are in our lives or are yet to come and these people hold our luck in their hands.

Have you ever thought of how lucky you are of having certain people in your life ? Who love you and cherish you, who help you when you need it the most ? I think this is the definition of luck - helping others with what they need.

Withholding luck is refusing to help, or offering the kind of help that is not needed or wanted.

If you really want to help just ask, don't assume, don't make suppositions, just ask "What do you need?", "What can I help you with?", "What can I do for you?", "What do you need me for?".

I also like to think that someday we will be rewarded for our patience, that someday life will make up for the bad times we had to go through. Some pain now, some happiness afterwards. But this might be untrue, saying this might be just the gasping voice of the little optimism that has left in us.

I wanna believe that people are not disposable, that everyone of us has a meaning. I don't wanna be another human waste, I wanna believe that I'm not that screwed up to get on with my life at some point.

I can help people, I know I can, and I wanna be given that chance.

What is your definition of luck ?

What can I do to have some luck ?

Or simply, what can I do ?


  1. Hey there!
    Excellent post!
    Let's see if i can help u out! ^^

    "What is your definition of luck?"

    Well for me luck is a lot of things.
    It's something that we can't control.
    People tend to say its related to our self esteem, that a good self esteem helps us to be more happier and because of that, we might have a more positive way to see things and walk through life.
    In part I agree with that. If we are sad or depressed, we usually think more negative and we attract more bad energies that way. That can make bad luck to come too! :P

    "What can I do to have some luck?"

    Sometimes like you say in your post and very wisely:

    "Have you ever thought of how lucky you are of having certain people in
    your life ? Who love you and cherish you, who help you when you need it
    the most?"

    With this, you show a very important point of view. Many persons have that luck, to have a certain person or people, are loved, are healthy, help others when they need. But, in the other hand, many persons don't give importance to that, only understand the true meaning when something very bad, like a loss, occurs.

    You are like me. :)
    You like to help others, perhaps you like to listen to their problems and try always to help them getting better. Unfortunately, many times when I do need some help, well it's more hard to get someone to help me out. Well, I'm used to that...but still hurts inside...

    I think you to have more luck just need to be yourself, take care of your self esteem, make it high! Your prayers, dedication and unconditional love will make it someday! ^w^ Just try it out and don't think in that!

    If you like esoteric or mystic things, you can ask to angels, unicorns or others deities you may like for an uplifting of luck in your life. They will gladly help you! ^^

    "Or simply, what can I do?"

    I think being honest with yourself and loving yourself are the first steps. We can't love others until we love ourselves. Having that in mind, you will start to see life in a more happy way and Universe will send more happy moments to you, and luck will be there too!

    Best regards,
    Horus Gwanni

  2. wow, this is one hell of a comment, you really took your time coming up with good thoughts about me and my article. Hope others will read your comment, it's very well written, and for most of it I agree.

    You're blog is nice but try make it whiter, less colorful, choose a better readable font. I can help. Set up a "reviews" page where everyone who wants give your blog an assessment.

    Whatever you need I'll try to help you, 'cause for one, you already helped me by giving such good appreciations.

  3. You can use the comment box i have after the posts to leave your opinions too. I agree with you, maybe it's time to do some changes in my blog! ;)

  4. Luck is a crossroad where opportunity and your preparedness meet.