Life is the Best Acting School

I've had dreams and nightmares about the stupid wish of becoming an actor someday, this is one the most stupid things you've ever heard (you'll probably think). It will never happen to me, but it doesn't mean it has to be the same for you. If you have the possibility to relocate yourself into the States go ahead and do it, that would be the first thing to do on your journey to becoming an actor. Relocate yourself somewhere where commercials and movies are filmed: New York, Los Angeles and other places I don't know about. If you had the bad luck of meeting people who don't believe in you screw them, if you feel, and I say feel, then don't let them get into your head and screw with it. No one knows better than you what are you capable of. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. 

With every movie I watch I have moments when I think to myself "Hey, I could that", 'cause I know I can, I feel that I can. It hurts at the same time that I'm not able to perform those scenes but I hold my head high, I won't go easy, "When I go to my grave, My head will be high" (Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds). I know great scenes when I see them, scenes that are worth to be seen by every living soul on this earth 'cause they can teach so many things, and can do so many things better than they were.

There isn't a better school to teach you to be an actor other than life. A friend of mine who's unfortunate as me told me that the main quality to have in order to excel as an actor is empathy - the capacity to understand through your own being what other people feel, think or need. I mean this is what being an actor means, breathe life into characters. You know you're already an actor when watching amazing dramatic scenes you start shivering, you feel electrified, you want to scream.

This scene is amazing, just the right words, just the right intensity, the right chemistry makes you want to scream and run as far as possible. Being empathetic gives me the chance to feel what they feel without having been through it. I wish I'd say more about it but at the end of the day acting is about feelings and not about the words, feelings is all that is left.

I've had my share of crap, my share of pain and lots, lots of drama, enough to imitate it for others to learn from it. Movies and television series offer us lessons for free and most of us don't even bother to take them, they "prefer" to learn those lessons the hard way, go through them themselves. I've made mistakes and I've learned from them, and I think it's enough but there is something bigger than me that doesn't agree with me. Apparently this is not all I have to go through. Most of the time I'm not sure of anything, but being an actor is one thing I know with my all being that I'd be great at but I'm also afraid that is one of the many things I won't be able to try. So what I'm saying is that for some of you it's time for your misery to pay off. Enough is enough.

Some of you will tell me the same thing, but I'll agree to disagree. I'm pretty much alone and really really screwed up, life turned up to be the most painful thing where being killed off would be the most humane thing to have it happen to me. If you read this article and you've come here I would like to give one more reason to do it, do it for me, do it for those who will never get to do it. Use your life experiences to rock the world and bring lots of good examples to follow.

For all the time I have left to live I won't be able to do anything else but wonder "what if". What if I had parents to support me and who didn't remind me on a daily basis of all the mistakes I've made and suffocate me with their hypocrisy. What if I had some luck but I guess it's all coming back to the support I never had. "There are some in this world who have strength on their own/ Never broken or in need of repair/ But there are some born to shine who can't do it alone/ So protect them and take special care/ Take care".

It always pained me to meet extremely talented people who have nobody to help them shine 'cause they deserve, talents that are born to die, to disappear, to vanish. If I were to be an actor I would look for such people and give them the opportunity of a lifetime and take no credit. It's easy to get an A, it's a lot harder to keep it.

I would love to read your opinion on this matter, it's basically what I live for now. If you have questions please, and I say "please", don't hesitate to write them down. To support me in writing more awesome articles and bring bits of what you need (relaxation, happiness, humor, understanding) follow me on and/or like my Facebook Page "Who Am I ? Still Finding Out"and I thank you in advance.

And the last but not the least thing, my today's musical dedication to you.


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