Do To Me What I Did To You | Reciprocity | Two-Ways Street

My entire life I've been walking on a street called Reciprocity.

It's a two-way street.

I've been saying "hi" to other people and they've been saying "hi" to me.

I've been smiling to them and they've been smiling to me back.

I've been saying to them how awesome they are, and well, some of them were saying the exact same thing to me. Sometimes the traffic on this street was horrible and some of them didn't get the chance or the time to reciprocate.

I was never mean on this street, and no one was ever mean to me.

I help other people and for me it's incredibly rewarding. And every time I help them I know for a fact that they're going to help me back, someday. They'll sens when I'll be in a need the most. It's how it works on this street. It's our policy. It's an unwritten law.

It's a happy street, people say compliments all the time, acknowledge how cool they are, exchange greetings.

I'm not only walking on this street, I'm living on it too. I'm not going to move onto another street, Not ever. I love my neighbors, they love me, I help them, they help me, it is as simple as that.

And how cool is not only to live on this street, but work too ?!

On this street, all of us are a community, where everybody knows each other equally, we're treating each other as equals. We don't betray each other, we're helping each other. We're just being mutual.

Unfortunately for me, not everybody I know walks on this street. some of them don't know about this street, some of them keep their distance from it, choose to go around it but god forbid walking on it. It's much for them.

Hope someday all streets are going to be like my street and all together make a city, after that a country and little by little "absorb" the entire world into two-way streets.

Today I'm feeling like saying "love you" and "hope to see you soon my dear friends. You've inspired me to write this wonderful (and I hope you'll agree with 'cause otherwise it's just embarrassing) article. See you son and love ya.

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  1. I believe we're on the same life's journey and sometimes on the same street. Yes, it is so good to say 'Hi' from time to time. We may never have a chance to talk so much about anything but t least we have left a positive good vibes to one another!! Wishing you the best today and always!