Suits | 2nd Season Premiere

Suits - it's a drama on air since 2011 and is about Mike Ross, a college dropout who's dreams of becoming a lawyer got ruined in some unfortunate circumstances and who makes a living taking LSATs for other students. Thankfully for his amazing memorizing skills gets hired in a law firm by Harvey Specter, one of New York City's top attorneys. Once Mike does not have a degree, he and Harvey pretend that Mike is a Harvard alumni. You'll find this series particularly interesting to watch grace to its characters chemistry, Mike's eidetic memory and law knowledge, Harvey's kicking-ass techniques and many other things. This series has been classified as a hit series of 2011 and already got nominated for its first Screen Actors Guild.

On June 14th its second season premiered and now I have some catching up to do. I've watched through its first 11 minutes when I've realized I have strong feelings toward this series and strong reactions are coming up to my mind and at the risk of loosing them I am gonna write a review while watching. 

Almost a year ago, in September, we were left with a cliffhanger when Mike's best friend, Trevor, found out that his ex is now dating Mike and out of pure revenge decided to rat him out to Jessica Pearson, Harvey's boss who also happens to be the managing and founding partner of Pearson Hardman. A few words about Jessica, she's a devious and deceitful woman, she's not somebody you can fool, if you think that she's been fooled you could not be more wrong, if it appears so it's only because she wants you to believe so. 

Jessica invited Mike out for dinner to torture him a bit and find out if what Trevor said is true. Clever lines flying both directions, laughing and mingling feels normal. Mike is smart enough to avoid what Jessica is actually asking, 'cause if he were to answer truthfully his career would know and end right then and there. He chose to show his vulnerabilities and the same time we got to learn something personal from his past. We got to know what happened to his parents and what eventually made him choose a career in law. I hope there is a continuance to that. Back to the office Jessica opens up her cards and once again proves that she's not one to be fooled, gives Harvey the benefit of the doubt that he didn't know about Mike not going to any college in the states or in any country on the face of the earth and threatens to him to fire Mike. 

As always we got some comedy, Harvey slipped a few words which he would never allow himself to say in Donna's address, the words are "please", "do me a favor" and "thank you" all in the same sentence which triggered her interest and suspicion and just like that she read him like an open book, that was priceless. She learned right there and then that Harvey cares about Mike very much and he would never let someone screw with Mike and ruin his life, let alone his career. While Mike is out there doing some lawyering Harvey bought some time and started looking for a solution. 

After receiving bad news about the death of the other founding partner's wife Jessica and Harvey once again teamed up to prevent the other founding partner of coming back to the firm as the last time they saw him he was furious of being blackmailed into disappearing and getting him out of the picture and if he didn't so his wife would find out about the affair he had and now that his wife is no longer a leverage he's coming after Jessica and Harvey and for now Mike's ass is out of the danger. Getting Hardman out of the picture for good Harvey would buy Mike permanent residence at Pearson's. Harvey let Mike now once more that he's not getting fired, not on Harvey's watch.

At the beginning of the episode Jessica gave Harvey the benefit of the doubt and ordered to fire Mike, she did not realize she gave Harvey the leverage of actually keeping Mike at the firm. Now that Hardman is coming after them both she needs Harvey 'cause if Hardman find out that Harvey and Jessica know that Mike is a fraud they're both out and their reputation are out the window, not to mention their lives are basically over.

You gotta love this series, original series as USA Network are telling us, and for once this is not a lie that a network, any network would tell us. There is drama, there is comedy, there is chemistry, there is romance, there is everything you need to keep you hooked.

Next week on Suits. 

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