My New Year's Resolution

When the end of a year is getting closer you begin to think of how it's started, you think of all that happened during the last 12 months, was is good ? Was is bad ?

Then you think of a new beginning, think of new changes, new things, a new plan and that's called - New Year's Resolution, it's like promising yourself to behave better in the New Year so you could end up on Santa's Good Kids lists only in much elaborate way.

All I can think of is that 2011 could've been better,a lot better, but as long as 2012 is going to be a little better I am going to call it a success, but I won't know until December 2012.

For the year to come I solemnly promise:

  • to continue evolving into a better man, improve and broaden my skills and abilities.
  • to improve my english
  • get out of my comfort zone more often
  • get some new friends, get a little more flexible and not being so difficult
  • to try to fight for my life even if it's difficult (especially for me)
  • breathe in all the good moments and just live the moment every time I get the chance
  • try finishing what I started in 2011
I thought of writing a Grown-up (Christmas) New Year's List but unfortunately it involve big finances I don't have, chances of getting a job are slim and even if I get a job it won't be enough to buy my long dreamed DSLR Camera Canon 7D. Some dreams are just destined to die an early death. But hey, it's not the first one to die, I'll just have to get over it as I did many times before.

I hope I'll get more Twitter followers, Blog readers, Facebook friends to comment and like my content 'cause nowadays this is as better as it gets for people like me.

Try writing your Resolution, it's like sending happy thoughts into the universe and getting positive energy in return, try not only writing it but following it too.

As 2011 is coming to an end I thank you for being with me virtually, thank you for supporting me When I needed the most.

I leave you with a dedication from me to you. Grown-Up Christmas List

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