I Wish You ...

... in the years to come (not just in 2012) to finish what you have started in the last few years. I wish you to celebrate the endings of beautiful things and events and celebrate new beginnings. When celebrating I wish you not to be alone, but be surrounded by people who love you, like you, cherish you, idolize you 'cause I can tell they will at least try not to hurt you. But if ...

  • if you're alone I wish you meet people who'll be there for you all the time

  • if you want to be happy I wish you meet people who'll make you happy, have little things with endless meaningfulness 

  • if you want money I wish to meet opportunities and catch them in one breath
I want you to be powerful the entire year, but just in case you run out of power come to me, I can loan you some. Every year is a perfect opportunity to find the true meaning of what friendship means, I wish 2012 will be your year.

I hope the years to come will finally bring the changes that many of us are waiting for and I hope you wrote your resolution that will help you remember what you have promised yourself you would change in the near future.

Also, I need (how selfish of me) you to be in a healthy state of mind and body because only this way you'll have the freedom to live your life as you ever wanted, but if you ever get sick I want you to get through it and fight for your life. Life isn't always pink but we can try and make it to a close shade of pink.

Tonight when you are going to open that champagne and the countdown begins I wish you to live those magic moments that happen only once a year, I hope your scenario of those moments will come true.

Finally, I am gonna wish you what I usually wish on birthdays, and that would be that all of your dreams and wishes come true soon enough for everyone, and be surrounded by people who deserve you, be where you want to be, have what you want to have, and just be yourself, I know I would appreciate it.

Happy New Year my friends!!!