Wanna be a good FRIEND ?

Hey there, it's been a little while since my last article. Since, they are barely read I promised to myself I'm not gonna write that much in a 30 days amount of time.

All the shit that has been happening to me for a while now made me think of how you can improve yourself into being a better friend for those who expect you to, 'cause trust me there a lot of people who have expectation from you.

So, here is a list of what you can do to prove that you are trying:

  • read twitter, facebook and other social networking statuses from time to time 
  • like those statuses after careful reading
  • comment statuses that intrigued you, statuses that you liked and read carefully
  • say "hi" once in a while, show that you're alive and the blood inside you is still running in your vanes
  • if you can't be there for your friends as you should at least try and keep in touch through Skype, not just type but CALL too
  • don't be lazy, being a good friends need some actual work
  • meet once in a while in a cafe, pizzeria, park, your place, or some other places
  • ... to discuss what happened to you and your friend lately, what have you been up to lately
  • organize some events together
  • call, it is simple that way
  • invite to events that you were invited to, try to include your socially excluded friends, everything it's about social inclusion after all
Being a good friend is tough, it requires time and effort and but if you don't have any of that don't even try 'cause otherwise you're just wasting everybody's time, and you might do only damage to already weak relationships. If you suck at being a friend I suggest you to improve or otherwise isolate yourself from the society, you'll do all a big favor.

The world deserves better.


  1. Being a good friend is difficult, but anything can become easier with constant practice.

    1. With enough will we can change the world, not only to be good friends, i don't know, maybe it's different in other countries, more like european countries, or united states, but in Moldova people are very selfish and careless of others.

      It's surprising how some people are so good friends and others suck at it so much.