What would I do without you, my friend ? :)

Isn't she beautiful :-P ?
Yesterday I twitted that I would write an article dedicated to a person I care a lot about, a brother (actually a sister, going for the rime) from another mother, plus it would be a nice comeback since my last article on this blog and bring some readers back to what's been my whining  journal for last couple of years.

If someday I'm gonna  have a girlfriend I want her to be more like my dear friends Ana, who's been my friend for 12 years since she has moved to the neighborhood, but I guess the best years of our friendship (and I hope she thinks the same) were the last five years and that's from my perspective 'cause those years were particularly difficult for me.

I whine a lot, and it's particularly (again) difficult for me to have friends and she was one of very few people who stood up for me and was always there for me no matter what.

I've always wanted a sister and somehow she filled that void, she's everything you want in a sister or friend, she's the most trustworthy people I know, she truly knows the very definition of the secret, I trusted her with some of my darkest secrets and was not disappointed, not once.

A person I have a lot in common with, we are people of extremes, sometimes were overly happy (most of the time she is) and other times overly depressed (and that would be me).

I guess our friendship strengthening could not know a better timing 'cause a few years I lost a person I cared for a lot.

She also does (or say) things that makes me want to kill her but that's nothing I can't handle :).

Our birthdays are 2 days apart therefore we're both Cancers (the best and the worst sign there is).

I would go on and on about how wonderful of a person she is but if you want a :
  • trustworthy
  • romantic
  • inteligent
  • smart
  • sarcastic
  • funny
  • appreciating
  • optimistic (for others, not for herself)
  • realistic
  • good adviser
  • altruist
  • generous
  • affectionate
  • devoted 
  • friendly
  • honest
  • kind
  • perceptive
  • poetic
  • profound
  • spiritual
  • Understanding
  • Warm
  • Wise
  • Yummy :)
  • and many many .... many more
... Ana is the person you are looking for and having her in my life makes me think that I am not that luckless I thought I was.

So ladies and gentlemen  please welcome Ana.

Update (40 minutes later): She did not change me, she helped me stay the same and don't get worse, she kept me stable when I needed the most.

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