Although it's 2 o'clock in the morning I wanna write this little article my passions for photography and how much it kills me not being able to fulfill my dream to become a professional photographer.

I'm a dreamer, I dream in the daylight with my eyes wide open, one second I'm here, the next I'm in the dreamland imagining myself taking dozens of amazing pictures, pictures of dawns, sunsets, mountains, skies, happy people, happy families, beautiful people or ordinary people who simply want me to capture precious moments of their lives 'cause sooner or later memories are going to be all we have.

After failing again and again in so many things I've come to realize photography is one thing I'd never be disappointed in, one thing to be alone with or be surrounded by many people, being a photographer would make me feel like I have it all, and yet I cannot afford it ...

For now blogging is all I have and I'll keep posting until someday I'm gonna have enough money to buy a camera and start it all over again, now the lyrics of a song keep popping in my head "as long as you are breathing, you can star all over" but how much truth lies in these lyrics in relation to me ?!

Below you can visualize a few dozens of pictures I took with my modest digital camera back in 2008 in Turkey, and 2010 in United Kingdom.

Turkey - summer of 2008

United Kingdom- autumn of 2010

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  1. Don't mean to sound preachy here but Its not the camera that clicks the picture, its the person who has the eye to see things in a different way and capture any camera would be fine as long as you click it in a different way, thought I agree the SLR camera give better quality and options but to start with digi cams and even phone cameras are quite good these days!
    Your pictures are pretty nice, keep clicking and exploring. Its a constant learning process

  2. Oh I know that, I know the true value lies in the man behind the camera, I know that :) I'm living in a bubble where I believe i could have a future in photography not ready to burst it yet :) currently I have no camera at all and it's killing me :)

    parents never supported me in my interest and finding a job that pays enough to work my way through and buy a camera is not an option given the country i was born in. so pretty much I'm doomed :)

    If I had a DSLR I'd learn its tricks in a day, no more :)

  3. The photos you took are amazing. A friend of mine told me he wouldn't buy a digital camera, but when I told him that all my photos are made with a poor digital camera he was speechless. "How can this be possible?" and I answered him that the eyes are the most powerful lenses for any photographer. If you have a decent camera (blitz, macro, 4Xdigital zoom and few stuffs like those) you can consider yourself happy.

    Keep on going! It's good what you're doing there! :)

    1. Your comment it's beyond sweet :) I'm melting :) Thanks, and there is so much truth in what you said, it's not the camera - it's the man behind the camera. Unfortunately my camera broke months ago and don't have any camera now.

      But somehow I'm obsessed with the idea of buying a DSLR camera (with the money i don't have:) ) A Canon 7D and 24-70mm lens.

      Until having one I have blogging :)