Let's Talk About Love

According to Wikipedia definition of Love, the later is "an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection; and "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another".

I may care and like certain people, treat them with strong affection and personal attachment and not call it love, I have another word for it - mutual respect.

Why did we need to label it as love ?

If to hate or simply not like certain people do we deprive them of human kindness, compassion or affection ? Are we gonna let them hurt alone ? I find it hard to ignore them even if giving them the respect they deserve it's almost impossible for me.

And what's the deal of getting everybody a soul-mate or simply a better half ? Is it so hard to believe that some people do better by themselves ?

It drives me crazy when people ask me why I do prefer to be alone ? Every time I must come up with some lies or sugarcoat the truth  of the fact that I love to be alone (and with a couple of friends).

Maybe I'm too screwed up to love and think of a future family of my own, I wish I could have an example of what a family should be but unfortunately I will have to figure that out on my own.

But do I want to put myself through the hell of dating ? 'Cause I don't cope very well with rejection.

Plus, reading the latest news of celebrities, ('cause only their love stories make the front pages) you don't find it very motivating to fall in love. Whitney Houston died after suffering years of damage from her love Bobby Brown, Amy Whinehouse  from her husband Blake Fielder-Civil. in conclusion, love kills.

Do we choose the one to fall in love with ? Is there an antidote if we made the fatal mistake to fall for the wrong one ? Are we strong enough to bear the consequences ?

I'm comfortable enough to be a member of the singles club, it's fine here, you have alone time and together time with your friends, what more can you wish for ? Not going to leave this club anytime soon and kind off feel sad when other fellow members choose to leave it.

Too many questions I'm not very eager to find answers for anytime soon.



  1. Me too i'm just like you because I hate V days and being in a relationship too.

    1. I hate V day, but most of it 'cause I'm jealous :) I wouldn't mind being in a relationship but I'm too screwed up with a lot of issues, not sure if i will be accepted as i am, the girls in my country are not that open minded and care a lot about what others say, besides the fact that in my country the time stopped around '90s where men had short hair, for instance :)