Recent Thoughts

Had some deep thoughts (or so I think they are) and kinda want to keep them here, on my blog, so anyone who visits to take a look and have the chance to contemplate on their own.

  • Prison is not the only place on earth where time goes incredibly slow, there are mental prisons too, where you send yourself or are sent by others.

  • I've always done good to people, and yet, what went around did not come around. Not that I have high expectations, but come on, when I ask for help I'd like to be helped and not ignored or offered anything less. And I'm not a person who asks much.
  •   It's surprising enough that a lot of philosophical thoughts come to me while lying in bed waiting to  fall asleep, in daytime I'm too busy on wasting my time on unimportant things waiting for time to pass as quick as possible.
  •  Trying to lead and control someone's life it's like putting a train on the wrong and defect tracks, sooner or latter it will derail, and when it happens it will have devastating consequences.
Have one more thought I'm not gonna share, gonna keep it as an introduction for my next article - "The American Culture in My Life" or "How much of an American am I?".

Until then, gonna keep trying on making my blog more welcoming and positive even if life fails on giving me motivation and inspiration.

P.S. Gotta get an iPad, to have it right besides me 'cause most of the ideas and thoughts come at late night or really early in the mornings.



  1. I think a lot of people have been through that, don't let that persons faults bring you down. I found you on and I'm following you now. Hi my name is Natalie and my blog is But what I think you might like is Woman to Woman it's a free forum where women go to talk and be heard and supported--never judged. It's

  2. Thank you very much for your support, only one correction, I'm not a woman although I see how you could be mistaken :)
    Liked the quote I found on your blog "You can't always control who walk into your life but, you can control which window you throw them out of" funny and true.