If Only

The title of this article sounds like the movie that stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, a tragic love story. My life is not a love story, but most certainly is a tragic story.

Often, I wonder how my life would turn out if i were born elsewhere than Moldova ? Elsewhere than Eastern Europe ?

I guess on Earth you have 50/50 chances to be born on land of some luck, Western Europe, Unites States, China, Japan, Australia and the second 50% of being born in Africa, South America, Cuba, North Korea and so on.

From now on I'm going to start thinking that never is to late to do something you really love once nobody thinks I'm actually 22, people always tell me I'm at least 4 years younger than I look.

Every time I watch this video I get excited like a little boy who got his favorite toy in Christmas Eve.
Most of the time I'm a guy with a lot of issues who doesn't have enough confidence in himself to say "I can do it" but this video boost my self-confidence to 100%. 

But how much can I do by myself ? 

In a few days I'm starting a job and may be in year I will pack my bags and get the hell out of here off to New York, but until then, I am going to give a few imaginary slaps to my face and come back to Earth.

Sincerely yours,