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We all have dreams, we all want things to come true, yet, in most of the time we don’t know how to make our dreams come true.

Me, for instance, (at the risk of sounding incredibly stupid) I love acting, though I never acted before, I love singing and yet I only sang during a shower or quietly in my room fearing getting mocked.

Most of the time I wonder if I have or not what it takes to be actor or a part of a music band, I can’t imagine my life without music and movies, TV shows, my life is surrounded by these every single day, my day starts with the sound of music and ends with a good Grey’s Anatomy episode.

I got to learn so many things from TV shows that I think I want to do the same, give back some lessons, I don’t want to be a part of the film industry, I want to be a part of its art, cause the film, the music is as good as art will ever get.

Many people want to be celebrities only for the wrong reasons; they want to be wealthy, rich, spoil themselves and their kids, buy cheap expensive things like condos, cars and many other things, and most of them will never learn the right reason which is to make a change in the world by doing little things, make this world a better place to live in.

The world is going down the hill, and we need more celebrities with the right reasons, I was always convinced that Hollywood needs new faces, and tries to convince people that a movie is more than box office, therefore as slim as chances may be everyone can be an actor nowadays, I believe there a lot of talented people out there and I wish they make their way to Hollywood.

In the fall I’ll be applying for Media Studies in United Kingdom and hope I’ll get in, this is my only chance of turning my life around, and start (already) enjoying it cause so far it’s been a blast curse. Take some acting classes, go to auditions, meet people, and get an agent to represent me cause …

… without my dreams coming true there is no reason and it’s not worth living, hope to meet people to help me cause in a way I’m way to screwed to do it all by myself.

Over the years I got my inspiration and will to live from actors like:

• Sean Penn (last added)
• Michelle Pfeiffer
• Sarah Shahi
• Jennifer Love Hewitt
• Helen Hunt
• Anne Hathaway
• Julie Andrews
• Claire Forlani
• Diane Lane
• Ellen Pompeo
• Ewan McGregor
• Katherine Heigl
• Nicole Kidman
• Sandra Oh
• T.R. Knight (first added)

And recently discovered Ashley Madekwe who was sweet enough to respond in a facebook tweet :) (and kinda was my inspiration for this article)

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to post this article only the inspiration was stubborn to come.

As always I have a lot to say, only I don’t know what that is, I’d be happy to answer to questions, or comment others’ posts.

Thanks for reading.

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