There are some in this world who have strength of their own
Never broken or in need of repair
But there are some born to shine who can't do it alone
So protect them and take special care

Action - Reaction | Stop Bullying

From a very simple stand point people are divided in two groups: Good people and bad people. Each of these two groups has its own purpose, the bad ones constantly want to hurt the good ones and ...

One Day I'll Fly Away

"One day I'll fly away/ Leave all this to yesterday/ Why live life from dream to dream/ And dread the day when dreaming ends/ One day I'll fly away/ Fly fly away..."

Money, Money, Money, Must Be Funny.

From time to time I think about what if I were a millionaire, would I be an ordinary millionaire or I'd go and reinvent the very definition of being a millionaire? Would I be able to sleep at night ...

Parents Abandoning Their Children

There are times when I try to rationalize why some parents leave their children behind and never go back for them, about why are they so terrible at parenting or are they ?

Join My Cause

For several minutes I've been staring at page thinking about whether to start a cause in my own name or not, trying to decide of whether it's good that I want to help myself or that is rather pathetic.

Crying in the rain.

Crying in the rain - no, it's not a title for a poem of some kind, it's just how my life feels now. I feel like I'm disappointing some of my readers, or simply feels like disappointing everybody.

Vote for Best Interpreation of "Who You Are" Song

What are saying about a music battle between two interpretation of the same song ? Before giving your vote listen to both version. I for one like them both.

23rd is a charm! | My Freaking Birthday

I'm not happy, I'm not sad, kind of indifferent, I don't care, keeping acting cool like nothing special is happening or going to happen today. Birthdays are for those who have aims and objectives, I don't have any of that.

The Movies of 2012 I Can't Wait to Watch

There are some damn good directed movies I can't wait to watch in 2012. Once I'm not in the United States of America I'll have to wait additional several months to have the possibility to watch them, bummer.

Be The Best Parent Your Kid Can Have

If you're planning having kids any time soon I might have a few tips for you. I'm not a parent yet, but I'm someone's child and that gives me fifty percent shares to "Family Enterprise". If you're looking all over ...

Let's Talk About Empathy. How to Understand It.

About twenty-two years ago I came into this world with a quality I did not ask for, I did not ask for this life for that matter (sorry, dark humor, couldn't resist). A quality that half the time I'm proud of having it, and the ...

4 am ...

Un articol de ora 3.46 am …

Nu e normal ca un om sa treaca prin durere singur, daca nu a ajuns sa bea pastille sau sa-si taie venele deja ii putem da ceva merite, a dat dovada de ceva putere insa nu cred ca pare a fi foarte departe de ziua cind va deveni mai putin omenesc, caci durerea in surplus „taie” din suflet ...

In prezent si in viitor devine din ce in ce mai greu de a cere de la oameni putin ajutor, citeodata sintem ca niste bebelusi care ne invatam a merge, mergem mergem si cadem jos, si pe cind un copil isi are mama si tata sa-i ajute din spate, unii din noi nu avem pe nimeni si asta ma intristeaz cel mai mult. Mama si tata nu ne pot fi alaturi intotdeauna, uneori ca nu pot, uneori ca nu vreau si aici in mod normal ar trebui sa intervina ingerii nostri, adica prietenii care cei adevarati devin tot mai putini si mai putini.

Deseori imi doresc sa devin o stana de piatra care nu simte nimic, care trece pe linga copii vagabonzi fara sa-si sparga ochii in lacrimi, care sa nu dea o para chioara pe nimeni, care sa mearga ziua la serviciu si sa faca bani pe seama altora, caci acesti oameni traiesc cel mai bine, si cind ajung la batrinete nu le pasa daca au trait bine sau nu, ei pur si simplu au trait, si dupa cum ei nu au dat doua parale pe cineva asa nimeni nu da doua parale pe ei si toti sunt impacati.

“Cit de inteligent sunt” sau “cite defecte am”

E usor sa crezi ca esti mai inteligent decit jumatate din oamenii care-i intilnesti zi de zi luind in considerare ca acestea din urma nu stralucesc in materie de cunostinte, rostesc absurditati cu care la prima vedere nici nu face sa intri in polemica. 

E de inteles cind multi nici nu aspira la mai mult rationalizind ca oricum nu ai sanse viabile pentru un viitor frumos, ci doar pentru un prezent in care te zbati sa supravietuiesti, dar asta mai mult suna ca o scuza, deci ce poti face sau ce e mai bine sa faci, sa ii ignori sau sa intri in discutii aprinse in incercarea de a le da „bucati” din inteligenta ta ca doar pentru asta traim, de a invata pe noi insisi dar si pe altii, ca la urma urmei nu putem tine un dar doar pentru noi, cum poti altfel sa-l valorifici daca nu il scoti la vitrina. 

Iti spui si ti se spune ca ar fi mai usor de trait daca mai multi ar fi ca tine, calculat, modest cu doze de indrazneala chibzuita, cu grija fata de ceilalti, amabil, respectuos in limite elementare, in echilibru intre individualitate si ordinar. E un pic revoltator cind ti se fac observatii cu referire la inteligenta ta, oare la noi in tara e un defect sa fii inteligent? 

E posibil sa fii inteligent peste limita admisibila?

to be continued ...