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Business-minded Pragmatist  You have an outgoing personality and you enjoy working with others and getting things done.  You also think that your time is valuable and that you deserve to make a good living for the work that you do.
Because you are so skilled at motivating yourself to succeed, negotiating, making deals, and working with people, a natural career choice for you might be sales.

Persuasive Strategist : You are a born leader.  Maybe you served in student government back in high school, or maybe you currently own and run your own business. Either way, people are naturally drawn to your charisma, your strong sense of self, your talent for persuading others to agree with your point of view, and your ability to make difficult decisions and stick with them.  Considering the nature of your many gifts, one possible career choice for you might be to work as a judge. 
People Person : You are very gifted at dealing with other people.  Your compassion and empathy make you a natural for any careers that require nurturing and encouraging people on a daily basis. 
Given your strong ability to put yourself in others' shoes coupled with your equally strong desire to help people, some possible career choices for you might include: nurse, psychologist, or teacher. 
Analytical Artist : Your two biggest strengths are your ability to apply logic to any given problem and your bountiful creative talent.  The career world is your oyster, in the sense that your gifts would lend themselves very nicely to almost any profession. 
Perhaps you might want to work as a media executive, for example, since fields like television production require people who can think both creatively and logically.

thinking about pursuing another career: psychology :)

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