Questions ....

Why ? A question that most of the time is left unanswered. Nobody cares about you unless you give them something, gossip or money, just not to bore them with sad stories about you, about you little pathetic life.

I mean, why ? why is so much sadness around us ? why are we so selfish to spread happiness and joy all the way around ?

Why don't smile more often and not just in the mirror to ourselves ? Why so much selfishness ?

People fade away all the time, and that's our fault. Most of us think the less of us the better. Isn't there enough air to breath for everybody ? Aren't there enough money for everyone ?

There are no limits.

Doctors shouldn't be the only ones to take an oath, we all should not do any harm to any of us, therefore do good, share moments, reduce the solitude in our souls, do little but meaningful stuff.

This world is not created for every one of us, this world is way to much unbalanced ...

Give and do good - is the key of survival ...

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