I don't know what am I doing wrong ....

For quite a while now I've been trying to apply for an EVS (European Voluntary Service) and to be exact two years have past and all I can be proud of is that I made it to the finalists a dozen times, I had many interviews (written or by phone), sent a lot of Motivation letters and CVs but not once, no one told me what I have been doing wrong because I did not get selected for a project.

It's frustrating writing and re-editing millions of times your motivation letter, adjusting it to every project in part, expressing your motivation for a lot of projects, fall in love with them, dreaming with your eyes open, planning activities, reading dozen of times the guidelines, the Youth in Action programme, imagining yourself participating at meetings, making yourself useful.

I think I did a pretty damn good job writing my Motivation letter and as underestimating myself I think I deserve an EVS project where I could grow, where I could change lives, where I could give someone a life meaning. In my previous article I was saying how I felt discriminated because of the history my country is carrying, a post-soviet union country, where democracy and human rights are not fully known.

Although I have double citizenship it seams crazy mentioning in your motivation letter or your CV, I was born in Moldova, but I got Romanian citizenship too, as my grandparents before Second World War had Romanian citizenship too. Many people wish to have an European citizenship in order to travel, get relocated, get a job, I, on the other side, have it and still feel stuck.

I've been in a selection committee before, I know what it takes to select participants for one project or another, but every time, almost every time, I've been trying to give feedback, to help participants improve their actions, improve their applications and apply again. I always try to give feedback , either it's a project or a everyday life situation.

Personally, I wanna know what is going through their minds (selection committee members) when they review my application and if they don't like it, why ? What are the reasons ? It's not fair to write shitty messages containing a lame apology "Unfortunately, we made our decision and you have been not selected for our project ..." Yes, I understand, I know basic English, but why ? What do other applicants have and I don't ?

If someone has the answer please, I beg of you, have the courtesy and do tell, cause I feel stuck and I am not ready to give on my dream on being an EVS volunteer.

Please see below my last motivation letter for a project in UK (my only target country). Please review it, and if you have any advice that might help me please don't hesitate and use the facebook comment box to post a comments. Also, i would like to ask you to spread this article as I want to raise awareness on this problem and maybe Council of Europe and other EU structures would improve the Youth in Action mechanisms and give equal opportunities to all youth.

Motivation Letter

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