If I had the chance ...

... I would get my passports and travel, try new voyage packages for travel agencies, spend hours in the airport as well as in the air, meet new people, try new cultures

... I would become an air pilot, fly people safely to their destinations

... I'd become a television actor, teach people valuable lessons through the art of the small screen

... Be a trainer, somewhere abroad, a trainer in youth policies, volunteering and other domains

... I'd like to learn a new language, probably Spanish

... Buy a house in London

... found a Charity organization to militate for a satisfying living standard for poor people in Africa

... I'd like to be a part of a music band, as a back-vocalist or maybe being a part of choir

... and many more things, but as the biggest curse is being born in a post-soviet union country I have limited possibilities, and very often accused of not doing what it takes to become who I want to become or get what I want to get, not fighting enough.

Somehow, in comparison with other young people from western European countries, I feel discriminated, EU "wants" us in their community, and I say this is bullshit. In this country are a lot of talented people vanishing and fading every day who could move mountains, become great people but instead they become a waste.

It's a normal thing when rich people to despise poor people, but it's not normal, it's not necessarily to be stupid in order to be poor, there are a lot of great people, insightful and brilliant minds, who everyday can't make their ends meet.

It's painful to live everyday with a hope of a better life for tomorrow, most of us are basically begging for help, hope for the day when everything would change, but most of us don't see that day.

I hope, but hey, who am I kidding, something would change soon enough to get a taste of what's called life.

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