Stuck in the clouds

Apparently, for a few years now, I am stuck in the clouds, I try (or maybe I don't) to let go of my dreams but I fail miserably each time.

I am the one to blame (or at least half the blame it's mine) my dreams don't come true, and probably most of them never will  and that's what is killing me the most, it's eating away.

I guess my depression inspires me to write this kind of articles, sad music, sad rhythms bring me peace and say "it's ok, ... it's ok".

This world it's not mine, not even a piece of it, it doesn't belong to me as well as I don't belong to it. And yet I am stuck in it, I wanna leave but the world won't let me go ...

It's like I am the main character in a sad movie that never ends ...

We all want the things we can't have ... and yet some of us don't appreciate what they have whilst others have nothing but their souls.

If you the chance to give meaning to someone's life, do it !

To Build a Home


  1. Awww... eu cred ca mai multi decat ti-ai imagina tu suntem asa. I blame the country and the older generations as they couldn't offer us anything except "ideals" which we can not attend. Nu sunt bani, nu's locuri de munca, cine are posibilitatea fura pentru ca stie ca daca nu o face maine o sa moara de foame. Asta e concluzia mea. Trebuie sa ai noroc si mai ales tupeu, chestii care nici pe mine nu prea ma caracterizeaza (a se citi deloc). Sfatul meu e ca, daca ai ocazia sa faci CEVA, ORICE, nu spune nu, indiferent cat de nasol e. In timp lucrurile se mai schimba, dar daca nu exista "lucruri".... :)))

    Andra :P

  2. sa stii ca ai scris in comentariu de nota 10 :) si sa stii ca ti-oi urma sfatul, o sa ma starui sa nu zic la ceea ce o sa mi se propuna, ma gindeam ieri ca ai mei au facut ce nu l-ea placut si s-au motivat ca nu au facut-o pentru ei, si eu am ajuns la concluzia ca nu voi face ceva toata viata ce ma va face sa fiu mizerabil zi de zi si sa-i invinovatesc pe cei de linga mine