Disqus Comment Platform

An important part of every blogging experience is engaging with your readers and what better way for you to do that if not commenting on each others posts. For years now, blogger.com has been the platform I used to deliver my thoughts to the wide public, but unfortunately for blogger, their commenting platform made it a bit difficult for me as for posting a comment I had to go through a few unnecessary steps and sometimes I had to give up on posting some feedback to some articles. Blogger has many deficiencies but having the possibility to change or even upload a brand new template and make unlimited changes makes up for those deficiencies. We all look for tools, gadgets and other catchy things to make our blogging experience more entertaining and for those who still don't know it I would like to introduce you to Disqus Comment Platform, a great way to share your thoughts on what you have read, give someone some feedback or simply engage in interesting discussions.A lot more information on how to integrate this amazing commenting platform plus a back-to-back comparison between Blogger commenting platform and Disqus you can find on one of the most amazing blogs filled with tutorials and lots of changes that you can make to your blog, Mayura4Ever.

Nothing is easier than posting a comment on blogs using Disqus, as you can log in using your facebook account, twitter, google+ or simply entering your name and an email (to receive follow-up).

Once integrated I can promise you if your content is entertaining enough comments will start flowing.

Below you have an example of engagements between users. Have a good day.


  1. Yea, Discuss is very user-friendly and it's easy to install; though I still can't figure out how to moderate comments. I wish there's a way not to auto-approve them. ^^

    Btw, nice to see my face in your blog post.

  2. don't really mind it, you can moderate after the comments are posted, not very big of a deal. And I hope you don't mind, just the comments you and I posted seemed more appropriate to post as an example for what I was talking about :)

  3. by the way, do you enjoy the music :) ?

  4. yea, I read their Help pages, can only moderate comments once they are posted. I was looking for a way not to auto-post them. something like I can review it first before posting. And yea, I don't mind, at least I realize my comments make sense to you. :)

    What music? In this blog post? Is it some kind of like an idiom or something? I'm sorry, can't help to read between the lines; it makes me nuts sometimes. :) or you mean, the music from your previous blog post?

  5. I mean the music player at the bottom of the page that plays automatically from the playlist I've set.

  6. ahh yea I saw the player, but it's not playing in my end. It must be a problem with my connection.

  7. are you using Chrome ? 'cause i just noticed there is a problem with that browser.

  8. Yea, Im Chrome. I tried it in IE; worse, it says File Note Found. Chrome and IE don' like each other I think.

  9. I think I just found the problem, can you check it now ?

  10. I fell asleep, yea, its working now! ^^ By the way, I like "Over the Rainbow."

  11. yeah, it is one of my favorites, one of the latest addition, I'd recommend you to watch Smash from NBC :)

  12. yea.. :) I like it when it was sang in Glee. ^^ I'll sure watch it later when I come home. I am still at work now. ;)

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