My "Friday the 13th" Story

I've always thought that luck has certain difficulties in finding its to me and I've never been wrong. In romanian there two different words for luck and bad luck, in english as you see not so much, there is luck and a "slightly" different kind of luck - bad luck, yet luck. Well, this one isn't any different compared to good luck when it comes to finding its way to me. Not that I'm waiting for it, I'm acknowledging its existence, I'm taking into consideration that it may come but waiting ? No. But it's not like we have a choice, there are many thing we can't control, luck is one of them. To know what a hell am I talking about I'm gonna tell you a little story. My "Friday the 13th" story.

I won't always get to the point so have a little patience with me.  Earlier in the spring, I got to think once I have failed to graduate from university a year ago I would like to try once again, from scratch, apply for university and make it work this time. But then I gave up, see, my grades from national exams weren't that great, I don't have any financial or moral support from my relatives, maybe some friends but there are great decisions to be taken and friends might be not enough. Being desperate and stepping out from one big depression into another there aren't many choices so I came back to the idea of applying for university studies. It took me along time to make the decision, see when you're alone and almost no one gives a flying fuck about you it takes a lot longer to make some decisions, some right decision. 

I had a little saved-up money, the money I have left from an UK training I took participation, I thought to myself that I'll keep this money and maybe find a job in another country and buy a plane ticket and fly out and never come back ever again. I had an opportunity to work for a family as an au pair from two months with possibility to come back to them in the fall, I've talked to them via Skype and they seemed very lovely and I've considered myself lucky. But feeling lucky wasn't the only feeling I had at that time, I've been scared, mortified and stressed 'cause here is one more situation when my parents will not be on my side, I will never ever get to know what a parent supporting his child not only financially but morally too means. and so I've lost that opportunity because the bureaucracy played its card and because of some misunderstandings I've lost my plane ticket reservation and that family didn't have the time to wait for me.  I'll try not to bore you and get back to my main storyline. It took me days to finally get all the papers I needed and thought that I have two more days ahead of me to apply but not so fast. 

As sick as I am of this country I am living in I've decided that this time I'm gonna study in Bucharest, Romania so I took the latest bus on July 13th to Bucharest thinking "hey, I had a nice day, Friday 13th is not such a bad day" well it was to soon to put an end to that day. I've been having a feeling that something is wrong, that whoever or whatever there is, is not done screwing with me. Once arrived in Bucharest I've realized that is Saturday and not all banks are open for me to pay the application fee, it took me 3 hours to find a working bank, the right bank and finally make the payment. I walked back to the faculty (of journalism at the University of Bucharest) and I began filling in some forms and waiting patiently to hand out my papers and get the bus back to my country, my "dear" Eastern European Republic of Moldova (I wrote the long name just to mock it a bit). The entire time I've been there I had the feeling that any second now something will go terribly wrong. But there I got some questions about my Baccalaureate Diploma and the fact that I was applying as a Romanian citizen but my Diploma has been obtained while studying in Moldova and according to the admission methodology  I could not do that, it's either I'm applying as a Moldavian student with a moldavian baccalaureate diploma or I am applying as a romanian candidate with an officially recognized moldavian baccalaureate diploma by the Romanian Ministry of Education which in weekends is not open for such things, but even if it was it takes up to five days to issue a certificate stating that my diploma is authentic.

Even if I was stressed like hell there were moments when I've been thinking about telling jokes to my friends from my trip to Bucharest such as "Hey, Guinness reps should contact me and offer the possibility of having me included in the actual book for walking dozens of miles in the sun looking for banks, bus stations, waiting for buses while being burned by the sun and all that in a short amount of time" 'cause by 5 PM I was back at the bus to Chisinau (back to my home country). I thought I'd be returning back to Bucharest tonight and try some begging on the Romanian Ministry of Education workers and ask them to certificate the authenticity of my high-school diploma but yesterday I didn't know that the shortest amount of time to do that is five days. I've been planning to fall into a big depression as the sun doesn't want to shine for me, planning to have deep regrets of spending a big amount of money and all that has been for nothing, I still have some money but that will go for internet bills as I won't let my last thing to be taken away from me, so just in case you don't notice a new articles in more then to weeks it means I have ran out of money and having nothing to pay the internet bill with.

Damn, my thoughts are random, they don't like order, hell, I don't like order, I never knew order, I've been taught what order is actually about, not just some twisted, made up version of order that has been pushed on me.

Conclusion: It's not the Friday the 13th you should be scared off, it's the day that follow you should beware of.

This is it for now, more broke than ever and already planning to write another pitiful sad story about my miserable, pathetic existence. See ya suckers.

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